How to add and edit an event

Add an event

Add New

Step 1

On the Hacking Health dashboard (, go to Events > Add new.

Event title

Step 2

In the field Enter title here, insert the title of the event in this format:
HH City Name + name of the event. [Hackathon – Cafe…]

Ex.: HH Toronto Cafe: Ontario’s Health Innovation Agenda

Your title will appear on the global Hacking Health events.
Entering the name of the city will help visitors find an event near them.

Step 3

In the box: Languages, choose the language of your event.

Step 4

In the Edit box, enter the information and images for your event.

Edit Box

Step 5

In The Events Calendar Box, you can enter the date of the event as well as the time. You can also check “All Day Event” if the event lasts all day.

Event time

Enter the information in the “Location” section. You can add the event address and a map. Note that the location of your event may be available in the drop-down menu.

Once a place created, it will be available in the list, no need to recreate it.


In the Organizer section, choose your chapter from the drop-down menu.
In the Event Website section, you can enter a link to the event or registration site.
In the Event Cost section, you can enter the cost of the event.

Event informations

Step 6

In the Excerpt box, you can add a summary of your event that will be displayed in your event list.



Step 7

In the Discussion box, uncheck “Allow comments” if you don’t want to have any comments in your event.


Step 8

In the Event Categories box, choose the city of your chapter.

Note: It’s important to choose the category of your event for it to appear on your chapter page.

Featured Image

Step 9

In the box Featured Image, you can add an image that will be displayed in your list of events.

Note: Your image must be at least 500 x 300 pixels with a resolution of 72 ppi. (pixels per inch)

Step 10

Do a check and publish your event by pressing the “Publish” button of the Publish box.

Edit an event

On the Hacking Health dashboard, click on Events to access the list of events.

Click on the title of the event you want to edit.

When finished, click on the Update button of the Publish box.

Other option

If you are logged in, you can go on the website to your event page, and click Edit Page in the toolbar (at the top of the browser) to edit your event in the dashboard.

Edit event

Valérie DoréHow to add and edit an event