How to add the hackathon schedule, FAQ, etc.

Add the hackathon schedule, FAQ, etc. (Accordion)

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Step 1

On the Hacking Health dashboard (, go to Pages > All Pages.
You can search your page using the search tool in the right corner.

Note: You can also click on Pages to access the list of all the pages.

Other option to edit your page

If you are logged in, you can go on the website to your page, and click Edit Page in the toolbar (at the top of the browser) to edit your page in the dashboard.

Backend editor

Step 2

Make sure you are in the editing mode of the “visual composer” tool:

  • If you see “Classic Mode” on the blue button, (in the top, below the title), you’re in the right place.
  • If you see “Backend Editor” on the blue button, click on it to go to the “visual composer” tool.

Step 3

To add the hackathon schedule section, click on the “Templates icon” at the top of the page and click: Section – Schedule / FAQ / etc. (Accordion).
The section will appear at the end of the page.

Note: It could take a few seconds.

Templates icons

To move the section, take the “cross arrow” icon and drag and drop the section to the desired location.

By default, the section contains a divider, a title and an accordion with two sections.

You can remove the divider by clicking on the “trash” icon. Available when you mouse over the Ruler Divider box.
You can change the header text by clicking on the “pen” icon, also available when you mouse over the Header Text box.

Step 4

You can change the title of the accordion section by clicking on the “pen” icon in the yellow toolbar. Available when an accordeon section is open.

To open an accordion section, click on the accordion title.

Step 5

You can change the text of the accordion section by clicking on the “pen” icon, available when you mouse over the Text Block.

Step 6

You can add another accordion section by duplicating an existing section, using the “Clone Accodion Section” icon, available in the yellow toolbar, or by clicking on “Add accordion section” at the bottom of the Accordion box.


By default, the accordion section contains a row of one column.

You can change the number of columns by clicking on the column icon, and choose the number of columns you want.

Colomns icon


Alternative method

You can also insert an accordion box by clicking on the “+” at the end of a section, or to add a new section.

Choose “Accordion” and edit as explained above.

Valérie DoréHow to add the hackathon schedule, FAQ (Accordion)