How to embed a video

Embed a video : First method

Backend editor

Step 1

Make sure you are in the editing mode of the “visual composer” tool:

  • If you see “Classic Mode” on the blue button, (in the top, below the title), you’re in the right place.
  • If you see “Backend Editor” on the blue button, click on it to go to the “visual composer” tool.

Step 2

Add a video

You will be able to insert the video by clicking on the “+” icon in the middle of the column, and adding the element Video Player.

Video PLayer

Copy and past the link of your Youtube video in the Video URL box.

Video URL

Click Save changes.

Important: The URL must be the one in the browser address bar.

Address bar

Embed a video : Second method

If you are editing in classic mode or if virtual composer is not available, you can use the Youtube sharing tool.

Step 1

Go to your Youtube page of your video.

At the bottom of the video, on the right, click on Share.
A box will appear. Click on Embed.

Share video

Uncheck: Show suggested videos when the video finishes.
Copy the code at the top.

Step 2

Paste the code in the site’s text editor, in Text (HTML) edit mode for it to work.

Paste code youtube

Valérie DoréHow to embed a video