Thanks to all the participants, sponsors and partners for being a part of Hacking Health Ottawa #HIP613 Hackathon! After three days of prototyping coding, designing, networking and pitching, we are impressed with the quality of solutions developed over a short period of time.

We are proud to announce the winners of this year’s Hacking Health Ottawa #HIP613 Hackathon:

Hacking Health Ottawa – People’s Choice Award & Patient Focused Award

Team #16: Hand Injury Rehab App

IBM Design Mentorship Program

Team #19 ShareMD

Shopify 3 Month Mentorship Program

Team #15 CliniCAL
Team #16 Hand Injury Rehab App
Team #17 Rest & Recuperation
Team #22 Occupational Therapy App
Team #27 Diabuddy

CHEO PILOT Opportunity Prize

Team #15  CliniCAL

Desjardin Health Innovation Award

Team #8 Prescripto

$250 Girls Can Hack it! Award sponsored by Macadamian Technologies

Team #19 ShareMD
Team #17 Rest & Recuperation

Algonquin College Aging Solution Prize

Team #18 InTag

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Keynote Speakers


Friday, April 27 Saturday, April 28 Sunday, April 29
8:00 AM Breakfast Breakfast
9:00 AM Hacking Starts Hacking
10:00 AM Pitch Clinic with L-Spark
12:00 PM Lunch & Judging Criteria Presentation Lunch
1:00 PM Hacking Hacking Ends
1:30 PM Pre-Presentation: Team Line Up
2:00 PM Closing Ceremony
5:00 PM Dinner End of Day 3
6:00 PM Hacking
7:00 PM Registration Opens
7:25 PM Opening Ceremony
8:00 PM Pitches
9:00 PM Team Formation & Networking
10:00 PM End of Day 1  End of Day 2
❏ Phone + Charger ❏ Sensors/ Hardware
❏ Headphones or Earplugs ❏ Valid ID
❏ Extra Battery ❏ Notebook/ Pen
❏ Extension Cords ❏ Sweater
❏ Keyboard/ Mouse ❏ Computer and Modified External Monitor (optional)

IBM Design Mentorship Program |  Design studio sessions, mentoring, and more
Shopify Mentorship Program | 3 hours of mentorship over a 3 month period
CHEO Pilot Opportunity |  Advice, feedback and potential for piloting within CHEO hospital
 Algonquin College Aging Solution | Up to $10,000 to assist a project related to aging

Desjardin Health Innovation | $500 cash prize
• Girls & Women In Technology, sponsored by Macadamian Technologies | $250 Girls Can Hack it!


  • Importance of the problem tackled
  • Extent of the impact the solution can have


  • Demonstration of a working prototype
  • Elaborate design of solution


  • Quality of the design, UI, etc
  • Usability for the target users
  • Fit the ecosystem of infrastructure


  • Quality of the design, UI, etc
  • Usability for the target users
  • Fit the ecosystem of infrastructure


  • Can be adopted naturally and rapidly
  • Level of insights on the solution
  • If possible: Could become a real business


  • Clear, succinct, inspiring
  • Understand the importance of the problem
Hacking Health Ottawa#HIP613 HACKATHON