Germany “Bio Hacking” Workshop 2016 Germany “Bio Hacking” Workshop 2016

“Bio Hacking” Workshop

In March 2016 we held an exciting biohacking workshop, allowing participants to become gene scientists for a day. We invited developers, engineers, doctors, nurses and designers to learn basic genetic techniques in a real scientific lab—and learn about their own gene fingerprints in the process.


Using polymerase chain reaction (PCR), a key method in any gene lab that amplifies a specific piece of DNA almost indefinitely, the participants explored their genetic fingerprint. This makes it possible to recover information from very small or degraded samples. Apart from forensics, PCR is very useful in detecting traces of genetically-modified food or identifying disease-causing agents early upon infection.


Equipped with new biological skills and inspired by fresh insights, participants transformed into powerful interdisciplinary teams of the future, ready to tackle tough challenges in digital healthcare.

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