Hacking Health fosters collaborative innovation by engaging key groups of stakeholders to create solutions to healthcare challenges.

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Health hacking is mindset, not a skill set. All members are health hackers, regardless of the expertise and experience that they have to offer.

Health hacking is a collective activity that transcends individual agendas.

We engage a diverse range of stakeholders from inside and outside of the health sector to look at healthcare challenges from a variety of perspectives uncovering fresh insights.

We favor rapid, iterative development of solutions in a manner that creates the shortest feedback loop between the people who might use the solution and the people who are developing it. Our motto: “More action, less talk.”

We are an association of leaders from across multiple sectors; healthcare, technology, design, business, who chose to work together to improve healthcare and foster collaborative innovation in this critical domain. We focus on creating synergies with existing organisations and initiatives to multiply our overall impact.

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