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HH Montreal @ C2MTL: Innovative in the workplace through health challenge

May 25, 2016 @ 11:00 am - 12:30 pm


80% of today’s workforce has a sedentary job and 78% identify of employees their workplace as stressful. 


Event recap – Hosted by Juliana Alvarez, Designer in Residence in Co-Director of Research, Hacking Health

slack_for_ios_upload 2 In collaboration with the Government of Québec, Hacking Health hosted a co-creation workshop at one of the most captivating conferences of the year, C2MTL. Charged with the mission to re-think the workplace of the future and the future of collaboration, Hacking Health initiated an interactive workshop on collaborative creation during which participants were asked to create a corporate health challenge.


slack_for_ios_uploadThe co-creation workshop included 30 participants randomly assigned to 5 teams of 6. Each team was immersed in a fictive organization that gave them context for the design of their corporate health challenge. These organizations were: a law firm, a restaurant, a garden shop, a bank, and a video game company. Each organization had context-specific health challenges to tackle.

To make things more interesting, 5 real local health-tech startups were divided amongst the 5 teams and each team had to incorporate the startup’s health technology into their health challenge.


One mindmap, ideation session and storyboard later, here is what the teams came up with:

slack_for_ios_upload (1)The first team to pitch their health challenge was assigned to PrakticeHealth, a startup that creates corporate wellness programs for companies. The team’s fictive organization was a bank, and the health challenge they came up with was an inter-branch summer health challenge. Participants would need to log their physical activities, their meals, and their water consumption via an online portal with an integrated reward system for healthy behaviours.

The second team was paired with Cognisens, a startup that tracks cognitive functioning and creates brain training exercises for users. Their fictive organization was a law firm, filled with over-worked and stressed out lawyers. They came up with a health challenge that challenged fictive employees to ‘train their brain’ for better productivity. This would be tracked in a neat mobile application that provided a portal for employees to log their activities and track their cognitive functioning.
The third team was assigned to Hexoskin, a startup that developed a smart garment capable of measuring biometric information with the help of several different types of embedded sensors. Their fictive organization was a garden shop, and their health challenge challenged employees to be more active in the workplace. Their activity level was tracked by the smart garment they would need to wear, and they could compare their results with their colleagues using the associated smartphone app.

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The fourth team was paired with EC3D, a company that develops compression garments for several different uses, such as facilitating blood circulation, reducing inflammation, and improving posture. These garments are often used by athletes to reduce the onset of muscle cramps. Their fictive organization was a restaurant with tired servers and chefs working long hours and carrying heavy dishes. The health challenge they came up with was to incorporate the EC3D garments into their work uniform in the hopes of alleviating back and joint pain.


The fifth and final team to pitch their health challenge was paired with Greybox Solutions. Greybox Solutions offers a smart sole for your shoe, which is able to calculate several variables such as steps, pressure points, and activity level. Their health challenge needed to be applied to employees of a videogame shop. Seeing as these employees are quite sedentary, team 5 came up with a challenge to motivate them to get in touch with their health using the smart soles. The smart soles calculate a variety of health-related variables which the participant can consult on a wearable or a smartphone. This would motivate employees to take control over their health and be more active!

We had a great time at C2MTL this year; after 1.5 hours of getting creative, we had 5 great corporate health challenges pitched to us. We hope to be there again next year!


May 25, 2016
11:00 am - 12:30 pm
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Hacking Health MontrealHH Montreal @ C2MTL: Innovative in the workplace through health challenge