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Hacking Health Ottawa #HIP613 Hackathon

Schedule | What to Bring | Prizes & AwardsJudging Criteria

We invite healthcare professionals, designers, developers, innovators and entrepreneurs to take part in building useable solutions to frontline healthcare problems. Join us Friday, April 27 to Sunday, April 29 for Hacking Health Ottawa’s #HIP613 Hackathon taking place at Shopify.

 What is #HIP613?

#HIP613 Hackathon is a fun, hands-on, intense, 3-day hackathon that breaks down barriers to healthcare innovation in Ottawa. Our goal isn’t just to organize hackathons, it’s to have a long-term impact on our healthcare system. Last year’s hackathon resulted in the development of 13 projects, two of which are being piloted at CHEO Hospital. We can’t wait to see you contribute to a hackathon project that can be brought to market for the benefit of communities everywhere – we have the resources to help you get there!

At the hackathon, teams will pitch ideas, get advice from experts and build solutions that can be integrated and implemented into our healthcare system. We are excited to see the projects you’re dreaming up come to life!


Friday, April 27 Saturday, April 28 Sunday, April 29
8:00 AM Breakfast Breakfast
9:00 AM Hacking Starts Hacking
10:00 AM Pitch Clinic with L-Spark
12:00 PM Lunch & Judging Criteria Presentation Lunch
1:00 PM Hacking Hacking Ends
1:30 PM Pre-Presentation: Team Line Up
2:00 PM Closing Ceremony
5:00 PM Dinner End of Day 3
6:00 PM Hacking
7:00 PM Registration Opens
7:25 PM Opening Ceremony
8:00 PM Pitches
9:00 PM Team Formation & Networking
10:00 PM End of Day 1  End of Day 2

Things To Bring

❏ Phone + Charger ❏ Sensors/ Hardware
❏ Headphones or Earplugs ❏ Valid ID
❏ Extra Battery ❏ Notebook/ Pen
❏ Extension Cords ❏ Sweater
❏ Keyboard/ Mouse ❏ Computer and Modified External Monitor (optional)

Prizes & Awards

IBM Design Mentorship Program |  Design studio sessions, mentoring, and more
Shopify Mentorship Program | 3 hours of mentorship over a 3 month period
CHEO Pilot Opportunity |  Advice, feedback and potential for piloting within CHEO hospital
 Algonquin College Aging Solution | Up to $10,000 to assist a project related to aging

Desjardin Health Innovation | $500 cash prize
• Girls & Women In Technology, sponsored by Macadamian Technologies | $250 Girls Can Hack it!

Judging Criteria

• Importance of the problem tackled
• Extent of the impact the solution can have
• Demonstration of a working prototype
• Elaborate design of solution
• Quality of the design, UI, etc
• Usability for the target users
• Fit the ecosystem of infrastructure
• Quality of the design, UI, etc
• Usability for the target users
• Fit the ecosystem of infrastructure
• Can be adopted naturally and rapidly
• Level of insights on the solution
• If possible: Could become a real business
• Clear, succinct, inspiring
• Understand the importance of the problem


Hacking Health OttawaHacking Health Ottawa #HIP613 Hackathon