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Event and Registration Policies

The information you provide during Health Hackathon
registration process and event will be strictly saved for
communication purposes between participants and
organisers. We respect your privacy and protect your
personal information thus will never share, rent, sell
or trade it.
Any submission to the Hackathon remains the property
of those individuals who developed it. We claim no
ownership of content or submissions during the
registration process or Hackathon.By submitting a
pitch or accepting any prize, Hackers warrant that
they will not submit content that is copyrighted,
protected by trade secret, or subject to third-party
intellectual property/other proprietary rights including
privacy and publicity rights. That is, unless you are
the rightful owner or have been granted explicit permission.
Hackers will not submit any misrepresentations or
falsehoods that could damage the Hackathon or its
affiliates. As we want to foster a safe space, we
respect our participants, and ask you do the same
for us and each other; you cannot submit content
or act in a way that is unlawful, threatening, obscene
, harassing, defamatory, hateful, racially or ethnically
offensive, encourages criminal activity, or is otherwise
inappropriate or destructive.Hackers cannot solicit or
advertise during the event.
By registering for the Hacking Health
Hackathon 2017 event you are consenting to your
photo/video being taken and published on our social
media platforms.
The Hackathon is open to individuals over the age of 18
who are registered by completing our registration questionnaire
, and are able to attend the Hackathon in-person. The
hackathon organisers have the right at their sole discretion
to determine the eligibility of contestants and to disqualify
at their discretion.
Hacking Health BerlinEvent and Registration Policies