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Hacking Health Windsor-Detroit II


Welcome to Hacking Health Windsor-Detroit II!

Hacking Health Windsor-Detroit breaks down barriers to healthcare innovation by bringing together IT and healthcare professionals across the US-Canada border to collaborate, dream up & design apps for patient-centric care.

The first Windsor-Detroit Hacking Health was held at Tech Town Detroit – an innovation hub just five minutes from the border in May, 2015.

Building on that success Hacking Health Windsor-Detroit II will be crossing the border into Windsor May 13-15, 2016 which will be held at the Toldo Health Education Centre at the University of Windsor.







bdc capital








infoway inforoute




Hacking Health Windsor - DetroitHacking Health Windsor-Detroit II
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HH Kuala Lumpur Clinic


The first Hacking Health clinic is on. Mark your calendars – March 19, 2016. More details including the programme soon. Stay tuned.

Find out what’s the excitement all about and why we do it at Hacking Health

Listen to revolutionary ideas and how healthcare and technology can work together to improve both industries.

Identify potential areas in medicine where application of technology can improve healthcare.

Meet passionate clinicians, allied health professionals, hospital administrators, IT developers, companies assisting startups and interested individuals with a common goal.

Know how to leverage a robust and safe platform on iOS, WatchOS and HealthKit. Take the opportunity to meet other iOS enthusiasts.

Thank you for your interest in the event!!

The registration for this clinic has closed. Please re-visit for many future upcoming events. Follow us on twitter @hackinghealthkl or Facebook (HackingHealthKL). You can still write to us and would love to hear from you.

Follow us on Medium.

For registered participants, we will be in touch shortly to confirm your attendance and to update you on the event.


 About Hacking Health  by Dr Benjamin Cheah and Mr Jonathan Tieh


 Apple in Health


Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in Medicine by Dr Dhesi Baha Raja


Data : Cloud, Analysis and Security. What’s the future? by Mr Leon Jackson


Medical Informatics : Where are we? by Prof Jai Mohan, Professor of Health Informatics






Summary and moving forward – identifying potential projects


TEA & Closing


Hacking Health Kuala LumpurHH Kuala Lumpur Clinic
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Hacking Health Camp – Conferences


See last edition conferences videos

Inspiring and forward-thinking conferences on the future of health

Presented by a line up of internationally-recognized health mentors : renowned health professionals, entrepreneurs, policy makers and philosophers bring inspiration to us by discussing their vision of future of health.

Startups contest

Coming from all Europe, health startups will pitch their projects.
Just like crowdfunding, each attendee of the audience will be given a fake banknotes of 500€ and will be asked to put their money on their favorite startups.

Hacking Health > StrasbourgHacking Health Camp 2016 > Conferences | Training | HackathonPress | FAQ


Live translation available for all conferences between English and French (ask for your headphones at registration)



Sébastien LetéliéLuc Sirois

Introduction (EN)

Hacking Health : Sébastien LetéliéLuc Sirois


odile piot-grosjeansanofi


Open-innovation at Sanofi : from R&D to drug, a hope for patients (FR)

Odile Piot-Grosjean – Directrice R&D

Luc Soler

Surgery and Computer Science : Inventing the Future (FR)

Luc Soler

Pierre Garner

Design and Selfcare : When patient meet empowerment (FR)

Pierre Garner

Malcolm Pradhan

Patients sans Frontières – The Future of AI and Deep Learning in Healthcare (EN)

Malcolm Pradhan


Lunch – Restaurant La Bourse (limited to 200 first subscribers)

laurence comte-arassusmedtronic


Partnership as a key to move towards value based healthcare (FR)

Laurence Comte Arassus – Vice President Medtronic France

Benoit Thieulin

Connected health, 2.0 or personalized (FR)

Benoit Thieulin

Charles Jaffe

The Future of Healthcare (EN)

Charles Jaffe


Empathy and data subjectivation (FR)

Remy Bourganel


Sébastien LetéliéLuc Sirois

Conclusion (EN)

Hacking Health : Sébastien LetéliéLuc Sirois

Apéro VIP – Hospices de Strasbourg (invitation required)

Startups Contest

Stimul is a high-touch intervention program delivered through our online platform that provides everybody with the capacity to build healthy lifestyle habits thanks to human coaching, personalization, tracking, pedagogical knowledge and flexibility.
Stimul is addressing companies (HR), insurances (Innovation) and Doctors who need to improve physical activity prescription observance.

Fondée dans les suites du Hacking Health Camp 2015, AquitHealth se concentre sur l’accompagnement et le développement de solutions numérique en santé.
Son premier produit, gagnant du prix « Best solution for clinicians » en 2015, Galien, est un logiciel multiplateforme de recherche des interactions médicamenteuses.
AquitHealth développe en parallèle d’autres projets, qui seront dévoilés courant 2016.

ViViDoctor is your live doctor in your pocket. It lets a patient to connect a doctor in real time immediately via a mobile device.



i-Nside Pro is the world’s first application that allows assisted diagnostic of eardrums pathology.
It uses Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence (coupled with a library of about 75000 eardrums pictures) to offer a diagnostic in few seconds.
Designed for NGO, medical deserts and nursing homes, i-Nside Pro assists caregivers who can take pictures with their smartphone.

Medeo crée des solutions de transfert des données générées par les outils de diagnostic et facilite leur visualisation en les intégrant dans les logiciels professionnels ainsi que sur des plateformes web.

Eye movement recording is a non-invasive tool that can provide early information for the diagnosis of neurodegenerative disorders. Therefore we develop a Smart EOG Eye Patch.

Eyeware’s vision is to connect people and computers. We leverage computer vision based head, face and eye tracking technology to offer solutions to problems in healthcare, research and robotics. Our first product, “Eyeware-Assist”, allows people with limited body mobility to control a standard computer using their head and face movements.

The Acute Stroke App on the line hand helps medical doctors to enclose stroke patients fast (“Time is brain”) into clinical trials and on the other hand offers some patients new treatments. It was developed at the University Hospital in Tübingen together with Medical Doctors from the Stroke Unit.

La mission de NANOVARE est d’introduire sur le marché un auto-test de fertilité masculine, qui laisse à l’usager le soin de choisir ses conditions de confort et d’intimité. Nous augmentons la précision et l’informativité de ce test d’environ 500%

Umanlife est une plateforme Web et Mobile de prévention qui permet à un individu / un salarié / un assuré / un patient de gérer et suivre, en toute sécurité, sa Santé et son Bien-être, grâce à son tableau de bord personnalisé.

Hacking Health StrasbourgHacking Health Camp – Conferences
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HH Edmonton Workshop – IBM Bluemix Tutorial



So you attended our Bluemix cafe (not yet registered? Tickets still available!) and have a better understanding of the many ways the platform can give your next healthcare app an edge. You’ve heard from the Social Angel team how they leveraged Bluemix to build the top award winning app at the Health+Promotion Innovation Challenge in Montreal. Maybe you’ve come up with an amazing idea to put the Watson and the cognitive abilities of the platform to work in improving healthcare. You’re ready to take it for a spin – now what? Attend this Bluemix workshop for some quality hands-on instructional time with IBM Bluemix experts, of course!

Purpose of the Workshop

  • Learn how to navigate through the Bluemix platform
  • Learn how to quickly develop your own programs to address your challenges
  • Introduction to app development on the cloud



    • Bring your laptop, make sure you have either Firefox or Chrome installed
    • It will really help if you have already registered for a FREE trial of IBM’s Bluemix tools: click here for your free trial
    • Once you have confirmed your registration, sign in and take a quick look at everything
    • Don’t worry that it might seem big and complicated – there are a lot of very specialized components that help advanced users be more efficient or secure, we’ll do our best to walk you through it
    • If you’re feeling very ambitious, check out this page


What You Can Expect to Take Away

      • You’ll have written at least one simple program and you’ll have all the tools needed to writing something more ambitious
      • You’ll be among some of the first in the world to explore the latest cognitive tools
      • You’ll have a competitive edge using Bluemix entering into the Hacking Health Hackathon


If You Want to Get a Head Start

Hacking Health > Edmonton > Hacking Health IBM Bluemix Workshop




Hacking Health EdmontonHH Edmonton Workshop – IBM Bluemix Tutorial
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HH Café – Edmonton

Looking to explore development options for your next healthcare app (perhaps for the upcoming #HHYEG2016 hackathon), or curious about cognitive computing and how Watson can help tame Big Data?  Get up close and personal with experts from IBM to learn about Bluemix – a cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS) that is used for creating, managing and deploying applications on the cloud. Learn more about the Bluemix platform, followed by a short talk and Q&A session with Social Angel, the winning team from the Health+Promotion Innovation Challenge, on on their experiences using Bluemix to take their project to the next level!
About IBM BlueMix

IBM Bluemix is an open-standards, cloud-based platform for building, managing and running apps and services of all types (web, mobile, big data, new smart devices). Capabilities include Java, NodeJS, mobile backend development, application monitoring, as well as capabilities from ecosystem partners and open source — all through an as-a-service model in the cloud. It also provide developers access to wide variety of ready-made services right into their applications such as geofencing, database (DB2, MySQL, MongoDB, etc.), Big Data (Hadoop, Sparks, etc.), Internet of Things, and the latest IBM Watson cognitive capabilities.

Thinking of using Bluemix for your project? Come to the cafe to learn more – then if you’re interested, on Thursday, February 11th we’ll have a workshop where you can get hands-on, one-on-one experience with mentorship from IBM! These two events are even better together, so register now to get space for both before they’re gone!



Hacking Health EdmontonHH Café – Edmonton
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HH café – Strasbourg


Health data : what are the profits and risks ? 

Doctors, computer scientists, students, surgeons, patients,… develop your knowledge in health data or discover what is hidden behind these terms.

Come talk with our speakers and with other participants in various disciplines.

Caroline Zorn will be proud to develop the notion of health data. She’s a lawyer specialized in health field and numerical sector. She created her own office, in Strasbourg, devoted to health and information technologies. Caroline is also “legal coach” for the health Hackathon of Strasbourg. She will be also present during the Hacking Health Camp training day to deepen health data topic.

She will be accompanied by Renato Brasselet, lawyer within Alsace e-santé and PhD in right.

We invite you to joins us on 2nd February 2016 at 19:30 at Le Shadok.

Le Shadok, 25 presqu’ile André Malraux, 67100 Strasbourg




Hacking Health StrasbourgHH café – Strasbourg
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Health Data Aggregation & Management

Join us for the discussion with the CEO of Open mHealth – David Haddad

Open mHealth, a non-profit startup and open source system that’s making mobile health data more accessible. Code produced by Open mHealth is open-sourced through the Apache 2.0 license; this means that the code base can be adapted and evolved by the community members, and it also gives the people who uses the platform the ability to customize it for their specific needs. Open mHealth helps healthcare organizations in 6 ways: by standardizing, storing, integrating, sharing, processing and visualizing the health data.

David will talk about his vision of telling your health story and share more details about how Open mHealth is tackling this issue, including their latest platform Shimmer – which is the first open-source health data aggregator.

About David Haddad

David is the co-founder and executive director of Open mHealth who will join us in person flying all the way from San Francisco. He comes with a breadth of experience in both domestic and global health, working for organizations like the World Bank and UN Foundation. He holds a masters degree in health economics and policy from the London School of Economics and a bachelor’s in chemistry and public health from UC Berkeley. He lives to eat and slangs bike baskets on the weekends.




Hacking Health New York CityHealth Data Aggregation & Management
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Café in Paris

With our upcoming workshop «Let’s get physical» we are inviting doctors, nurses, med-students, designers & developers to learn about basic electronic prototyping. With these skills you will be able to transform early ideas into tangible products. The workshop will be the first of many and is seen as a preparation to following hackathons.



Annie LamontagneCafé in Paris
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Digital Health CTO Playbook & Legal Barriers of Entry

With popular demand, the Hacking Health New York group is bringing an astounding session on the most talked about topic in healthcare: HIPAA.

Please join us for an evening of amazing discussion full of legal and technical insights on Regulatory Compliance, HIPAA, Security, Privacy and Intellectual Property requirements for healthcare organizations and startups so that they can better plan, design, implement, and operate HIPAA compliant systems. We will host two great personalities to complement the discussion and best practices covering regulatory and technology side of things to better equip organizations in implementing healthcare privacy and security policies.

Chas Ballew, Co-founder & CEO, Aptible will reveal meaningful insights from his very own “The Digital Health CTO Playbook” covering HIPAA Requirements, Design, Architecture & Hosting, Technical Services, Workflow, Training, Tactical and Strategic Contingency Planning, and Audit and Security Assessments. Chas is an attorney and a former government regulatory lawyer. Prior to founding Aptible, he served on active duty with the Office of the Army General Counsel in Washington, DC. He is a graduate of Princeton University and the University of Michigan Law School, and is @chasballew on the web.

Aptible’s mission is to help customers work safely with the most meaningful, sensitive data in highly regulated industries by building and providing devops tools that streamline information security compliance for web and mobile applications. Aptible currently focuses primarily in healthcare, on HIPAA compliance and is backed by the best investors in tech, including Y Combinator (S14), Rock Health, Maverick and Lux Capital.

Sally Wang is a multidisciplinary IP & Regulatory lawyer, with extensive and varied experience.  She is currently working to launch the international Telemedicine startup, DocFlight, with a strong social entrepreneurship bend, and a venture to bridge US-China healthcare companies and investments. She has worked in a mixed business and law role at a mHealth startup, as Chief Strategy Officer and chief IP and regulatory counsel. She practiced patent litigation and IP licensing in a premier intellectual property boutique, Fitzpatrick Cella, and clerked in the Southern District of New York.  She was also a legal-policy fellow at the Food and Drug Administration and the US Senate Health Education Labor Pension Committee Health Office. She also serves as strategic and legal advisor to BringMeThat, a fast-growing e-commerce food delivery startup, as General Counsel to NAAAP, and board member to the Legal Aid Society (NLP) and SHARE Cancer Support.  Sally graduated from Harvard College (’04), Harvard Law School (J.D., ’11), and Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health (M.P.H, ’11).

Whether you are a developer, designer, engineer, or other interested in the healthcare field, or a doctor, nurse, administrator, researcher already in the field, come out and join together to discuss innovative solutions to problems in this industry. We are continuing our NYC Chapter’s ever-so-popular tradition of Hacking Health Cafes – a series of monthly evenings with the goal of bringing together entrepreneurs in the healthcare industry, fostering relationships between technology talent and healthcare experts, and keeping up-to-date with local collaborations, projects and startups.


6:30 pm // Networking and refreshments
6:45 pm // Chas Ballew Presentation on “The Digital Health CTO Playbook,” followed by Q&A
7:45 pm // Sally Wang Presentation: “Legal Barriers of Entry—IP, Regulatory, HIPAA,” followed by Q&A
8:30 – 9:00 pm // Free time for networking
9:00 pm // Event ends



Hacking Health New York CityDigital Health CTO Playbook & Legal Barriers of Entry
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HH Ottawa: How to Hack Healthcare

How to Hack Healthcare: #ideatoapp2015

In collaboration with the Ottawa Internet of Things conference (@IoT613), Hacking Health Ottawa (@HHOttawa) has hosted a fun, engaging, and exciting workshop on Thursday, Sept. 24th at 6:00 pm (doors open at 5:30 pm)!

We heared from Dr. Jordan Littman, a family physician who learned how to code and subsequently developed Prescribe Smart – an app that guides medication prescribers with up-to-date information about available medications, prices, LU codes, and much more! He will go through his app development process, as well as lessons learned and problems encountered in bringing his idea to fruition.

With the guidance of Juliana Alvarez and Paul Cuciureanu, both professionals in the fields of design, UX, and social media, we learned about the fundamentals of how to approach the development of your idea into an app, as well as how to troubleshoot problems you may encounter along the way!

Lastly, we connected participants with a multidisciplinary team of professionals to start working on your ideas and healthcare problems – the first step into making them a reality!

This promisesed to be an educational and rewarding experience. Come with your skills, ideas, and/or healthcare problems you want to solve in our next event in January. Check back here for more details soon.

#hhottawa #ideatoapp2015 #IoT613





Hacking Health OttawaHH Ottawa: How to Hack Healthcare
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