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Hacking Health Nijmegen – 2016

21254012629_9189ebd927_kHacking Health Nijmegen, a #patientsincluded event where technology, design, entrepreneurship, healthcare and patients are brought together during a weekend. It will be held in the weekend of 20 – 22nd of May. Hacking Health aims to transform healthcare by connecting teams, which usually rarely collaborate, who search for human-centric solutions to front-line healthcare problems.

During the weekend, participants will get the opportunity to pitch their ideas and problems on stage.
After that they will form teams consisting of healthcare professionals , patients, programmers, designers and entrepreneurs to try find a solution in two and a half day. At the end of the weekend the teams will give a presentation of the results and the winners will be selected by a multidisciplinary expert panel.

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Registration opens & Pitch training
Design Workshops
Developer Workshops
Tech Workshops

Drinks & Dinner


Inspiration Talks

Pitch Night!

Team formation

Start Hacking!
Coaching Sessions


More hacking 😉


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Time to get yourself some sleep
Finalizing products
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Demo Clinics
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Judges Deliberation
Prizes & Drinks

Dutch Hacking Health 2016 Sponsors

Gold Partners



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Silver Partners


Hardware partners


Media Partners


Partner Events



National Prize Winners


Team ‘BedPartner’ from Hacking Health Leiden

This winner was chosen by a panel with the heads of the judges of each city. This team is the official winner of Dutch Hacking Health 2016.


Team ‘Consentus’ from Hacking Health Nijmegen

This team was chosen as prizewinner by the board of Topicus.


City Prize Winners


Team Flower


Team Featherlight Orthopedic Shoes


Team Flower


People’s Choice Award

Team B.R.I.A.N.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the goal?

The primary goal of each hackathon is to rapidly prototype practical ideas that could be useful in healthcare.

Our broader vision is to foster collaborative, cross-disciplinary relationships that can lead to more significant innovation down the road. Not all ideas can be prototyped within a day or a week, and many ideas lay dormant simply because domain experts do not know whom to talk to about building their ideas.

We believe that healthcare will improve as we bring technical expertise closer to front-line problems.


Who can attend?

Patients, healthcare professionals, creatives, developers and entrepreneurs are encouraged to join! Be it student or professional. These groups are invited to pitch their health(care) idea/problem OR to join a team to build out ideas and develop solutions.

The goal is to leverage the skills and energy of all the participants to move each idea forward. New people, new ideas, new solutions!


What do I need to bring?

Just your laptop and an adapter. We will provide food and drinks during the weekend.


What does the fee include?

The fee includes: a healthy breakfast/lunch/dinner and drinks!
And of course the ability to participate in an inspiring and fun weekend working on improving healthcare!


Where can I stay in Nijmegen

You can use our free sleeping facility, but please let us know that you’re coming! You do have to bring your own sleeping gear (airbed, sleeping bag & pillow).


Do I need to form a group before the start of the weekend?

You do not need to for a group beforehand. We encourage you to come by yourself and form a team with people you don’t know. The combination of people from different backgrounds will generate new and exciting perspectives!


Can I participate for one or two days?

You can only participate if you attend the whole weekend (Friday 20th May 17:30 – Sunday 22nd May 17:30).

If you really can’t attend the full three days but still want to be part of Hacking Health Nijmegen, become a volunteer! Or watch the presentations of the teams on Sunday. For both you can sign-up on Eventbrite.


Can I watch the presentations on Sunday?


Yes you can! Get your observer on Eventbrite.


Do I have to pitch an idea?

It is a great opportunity to do so and form a great team to work on your idea, so we highly recommend it! You can also pose a problem if you like.

But, no it is not obligatory to pitch an idea. At the start of the weekend, several participants will pitch their ideas and you will be able to choose which idea you want to work on!


Is my idea for a pitch any good?

Yes! As long as your idea is related to healthcare and a possible solution can be prototyped technically, digitally or visually.

Sparkboard is our online platform where you can present your idea/problem before the start of the weekend. Participants will be able to browse the different projects to see what interests them. A good way to get people enthusiastic about your idea!


What about intellectual property?

In general the following guidelines apply as set by Hacking Health: Since the event is set in the Netherlands, Dutch patent- and copyright laws also apply.


Hacking Health KNijmegenHacking Health Nijmegen – 2016
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HH Kuala Lumpur Clinic


The first Hacking Health clinic is on. Mark your calendars – March 19, 2016. More details including the programme soon. Stay tuned.

Find out what’s the excitement all about and why we do it at Hacking Health

Listen to revolutionary ideas and how healthcare and technology can work together to improve both industries.

Identify potential areas in medicine where application of technology can improve healthcare.

Meet passionate clinicians, allied health professionals, hospital administrators, IT developers, companies assisting startups and interested individuals with a common goal.

Know how to leverage a robust and safe platform on iOS, WatchOS and HealthKit. Take the opportunity to meet other iOS enthusiasts.

Thank you for your interest in the event!!

The registration for this clinic has closed. Please re-visit for many future upcoming events. Follow us on twitter @hackinghealthkl or Facebook (HackingHealthKL). You can still write to us and would love to hear from you.

Follow us on Medium.

For registered participants, we will be in touch shortly to confirm your attendance and to update you on the event.


 About Hacking Health  by Dr Benjamin Cheah and Mr Jonathan Tieh


 Apple in Health


Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in Medicine by Dr Dhesi Baha Raja


Data : Cloud, Analysis and Security. What’s the future? by Mr Leon Jackson


Medical Informatics : Where are we? by Prof Jai Mohan, Professor of Health Informatics






Summary and moving forward – identifying potential projects


TEA & Closing


Hacking Health Kuala LumpurHH Kuala Lumpur Clinic
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HH Hamilton 2016 hackathon


To advance efforts to promote healthy living, prevent social isolation and reduce injury, we need new solutions, tools and partnerships.Participate to the Public Health Challenge in Hamilton!



PHRI: Evaluating Digital Cures

Health apps are like the wild west, with digital snake oil mixed in with gold-standard health apps and it’s hard to consumers to tell the difference. Population Health Research Institute knows the how to tell the difference from a research point of view, having conducted studies with more than 1,000,000 participants worldwide, more than 1,500 hospitals or clinical locations in 86 countries on every inhabited continent in the world. Now is your opportunity to build an app that will use Apple’s ResearchKit to find out which apps give effective outcomes.


McArthur Lab: Big Data Drug Resistance Hack

Bacteria are evolving the capacity to resist drugs faster than we can discover new drugs. Drug resistance death rates are rapidly increasing. Andrew McArthur’s lab fights resistance using Big Data and cloud computing. In his talk in January, Andrew identified three Big Data hacks that he believes can make a difference in detecting and understanding the genomes of drug-resistant bacteria so that we can identify them faster and recommend tailored treatments that will maximize success and minimize the spread of resistance genes.

For background, check out this 10-minute video of Andrew McArthur talking about his lab’s work:

double helix, gene, sequencing

Outstanding Judging Panel

Amanda Wilson 2











Amanda Wilson is the Executive Director of the Centre for Chronic Disease Prevention at the Public Health Agency of Canada, where she is responsible for policy, performance measurement and technological and digital innovations. Prior to taking on her current role in 2014, Amanda held the position of Director, Access to Information and Privacy for Health Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada. Amanda holds a law degree from the University of Ottawa and an undergraduate degree in political science from Dalhousie University.


Leo Godreault is co-founder of CareKit Health, a startup recently acquired by Moseda Technology for $2 million in shares. CareKit is homegrown with its offices in The Forge incubator. Leo is an award-winning Registered Nurse and has worked at St Joseph’s   Healthcare Hamilton with a degree from McMaster University.


Tammy Hwang is involved with almost every entrepreneurship program in Hamilton. She is Cofounder and President of CoMotion on King, Hamilton’s coolest co-working space; a business development officer with Global Hamilton, Cofounder of Strive consulting, and in the past she was a senior manager at Innovation Factory, involved with The Forge, organizer of multiple Startup Weekends. If you’re starting up in Hamilton, you either know or ought to know Tammy.


Joe Dee is Head of Product & Technology at Cossette Health, our title sponsor. He runs Cossette Lab, a startup incubator and accelerator based in Toronto and has worked in the past at a range of marketing agencies in the healthcare space and at MaRS Discovery District advising entrepreneurs.


Meredith Lou-Hing  is faculty at Mohawk Collegeas an instructor in the Medical Radiation Sciences Program. She has worked as a Radiation Therapist locally at the Juravinski Cancer Centre and the Carlo Fidani Cancer Centre at Credit Valley Hospital and has also worked internationally with the oncology team at King Faisal Hospital in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.




Brainsprouting with Brandon Love: How to innovate creatively and fearlessly. Brandon will celebrate creativity and engage concept from his book Brainsprouting


<Prizes & Awards>

Public Health Challenge Prize – Workshops series, MaRS market intelligence, and mentoring sessions worth $15,000.00

Hosting at The Forge incubator for up to 3 winners worth $1,800.00

Technical and business advisory services from Mohawk MEDIC program worth $2,500.00

Place on a panel at the Apps4Health conference worth $500.00

Up to 15 free tickets to Apps4Health conference, worth $1,275

Incubation, resources, programming and marketing/communications from Cossette Health worth up to $20,000.00







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Cossette Health

MEDIC logo - cmyk

McMaster Innovation Park

Innovation Factory
Hamilton Economic Development

Hacking Health HamiltonHH Hamilton 2016 hackathon
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HH Café – Edmonton

Looking to explore development options for your next healthcare app (perhaps for the upcoming #HHYEG2016 hackathon), or curious about cognitive computing and how Watson can help tame Big Data?  Get up close and personal with experts from IBM to learn about Bluemix – a cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS) that is used for creating, managing and deploying applications on the cloud. Learn more about the Bluemix platform, followed by a short talk and Q&A session with Social Angel, the winning team from the Health+Promotion Innovation Challenge, on on their experiences using Bluemix to take their project to the next level!
About IBM BlueMix

IBM Bluemix is an open-standards, cloud-based platform for building, managing and running apps and services of all types (web, mobile, big data, new smart devices). Capabilities include Java, NodeJS, mobile backend development, application monitoring, as well as capabilities from ecosystem partners and open source — all through an as-a-service model in the cloud. It also provide developers access to wide variety of ready-made services right into their applications such as geofencing, database (DB2, MySQL, MongoDB, etc.), Big Data (Hadoop, Sparks, etc.), Internet of Things, and the latest IBM Watson cognitive capabilities.

Thinking of using Bluemix for your project? Come to the cafe to learn more – then if you’re interested, on Thursday, February 11th we’ll have a workshop where you can get hands-on, one-on-one experience with mentorship from IBM! These two events are even better together, so register now to get space for both before they’re gone!



Hacking Health EdmontonHH Café – Edmonton
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“Building”­: Hacking Health Hamilton Café January

Are you interested in healthcare innovation? Are you a healthcare professional, designer, or software developer? Then this is where you need to be for demos, talks and networking on how we can bring about massive change.

For this Café we are at the new David Braley Health Sciences Building right downtown. This beautiful building is a symbol of the investment in healthcare right downtown.

091r-andrew mcarthur-2015Andrew MacArthur: “Building an Internet of DNA to Combat Antibiotic Resistance”

Andrew is a professor of Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences, recently returned to Canada following a 10 year research career in the United States, including including faculty positions at Marine Biological Laboratory (Woods Hole, MA) and Brown University. For years he has been working on global infectious diseases, functional genomics, and  bioinformatics. He is now the Cisco Research Chair in Bioinformatics running a lab that intersects academic, government and industry.



STAND UP Pitch winners — HINT wearable monitor for strokes while sleeping

Ahmed Elmeligi and Jacob Jackson won $2,500 and the first prize in the recent STAND UP Pitch competition run by Spectrum at Mac. They are both masters students in the WBooth School of Engineering Practice.

HINT stands for Healthcare Innovation in NeuroTechnology. We are working on a wearable point-of-care monitoring device that can alert high-risk patients, care-givers and doctors if they have a stroke in their sleep. HINT allows many strokes that go by undetected in sleep to receive the time-sensitive treatment.

Ahmed Elmeligi, born in Egypt and raised in Saudi Arabia, moved to Canada at the age of 17 to pursue a degree in Electrical and Biomedical Engineering at McMaster. He worked at BlackBerry as a Product Engineering Specialist and as a design lead at a medical startup part of the velocity program at Waterloo. His passion is to combine great user experience with medical solutions.

Jacob Jackson completed his undergraduate degree in physics at the University of British Columbia. His undergraduate research involved novel neuroimaging techniques to investigate the brain’s ability to experience structural change. He has been involved in medical research for more than 2 years in both stroke and addiction. Jacob’s passion lies in the combination of entrepreneurship and neurotechnology.

See you at the David Braley Health Sciences Building across from City Hall!








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Hacking Health Hamilton“Building”­: Hacking Health Hamilton Café January
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VertMTL Marathon Launch

(Event in French)

Join us this Thursday for the launch of the VertMTL marathon and to reduce the dependence of Montrealers on fossil fuels. This public consultation, organized by the Office de consultation publique de Montréal (OCPM), challenges the community to innovate and suggest innovative solutions against the challenges and problems that fossil fuels represent.

The marathon is designed to mobilize local citizens interested in the environmental issues, as well as technological entrepreneurs and field specialists in sustainable development and innovation.



Hacking Health MontrealVertMTL Marathon Launch
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Desjardins HH Innovation Challenge




About this event

Health promotion is the best way to stay healthy, live longer, live better and with people you love.
Hacking Health and its partners Desjardins,  IBM Canada and CHU Sainte-Justine, teamed up this for design challenge, co-presented by Desjardins Insurance.

By organizing the  Health+Promotion Innovation Challenge we brought together professionals from the health and IT sector as well as designers and any citizen committed to their health.

Desjardins, Ste-Justine Children’s Hospital and Hacking Health worked together to identify 5 key themes to inspire the participants: healthy lifestyle,mental health and stress management, empowerment through knowledge, work-life balance and caregiver-patient dynamics.

Over the course of 3 days, more than 270 participants worked on a total of 28 projects, with support and mentoring from the event partners and well as other industry experts. Daycare was also made available on site to make it easier for parents to participate.


Winners List

The grand prize, which includes $3,500 in cash, IBM Bluemix workshops and access to the services of the Fasken Martineau startup program, was awarded to SocialAngel, a mobile app for parents to keep an eye on their children’s social activities. With the young ones permission, mom and dad can be alerted when sources of stress like online bullying occur.

The Bluemix prize, comprising of a one year subscription to IBM Global Entrepreneur Program (with access to IBM Bluemix), was awarded to e-Munité, an online and mobile app designed to suggest prevention measures according to the health conditions programmed in the user’s profile.

The Health at Work prize –$1,000 awarded to the favourite entry promoting workplace health – went to Tribu, an innovative solution intended to help caregivers by creating a support group to share knowledge and resources.

The Mon menu initiative, which is a personalized app that takes the user’s dietary restrictions in account before suggesting the best option available on the cafeteria’s menu, went home with the $1,500 Nautilus Plus prize.

And finally, The Public Health Agency of Canada handed out two prizes, which included workshops, mentoring sessions and market intelligence services to the teams that developed the Run2Play and HALEO concepts.


The other projects
The event site


Press release
Haleo, Born in HH Montreal
About Social Angel (French)

See how Desjardins supports innovation across Canada


Hacking Health MontrealDesjardins HH Innovation Challenge
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Canadian Public Health Challenge kick-off

Hacking Health Montreal invites you to attend the unveiling of the themes for the Desjardins Hacking Health Innovation Challenge (presence is optional) which will take place the 23rd of October at Civic Forum for Innovation and Health Promotion hosted at the Desjardins Complex. This forum is organized by Ste-Justine Hospital as the closing event of its Health Innovation Week. You can participate in a Hacking Health pitch clinic to help you articulate an idea you’d like to pitch and mingle with over twenty organizations in healthcare promotion. This free event is also a great opportunity to get inspired and to exchange ideas with different actors in anticipation of the Desjardins Hacking Health Challenge.






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Hacking Health MontrealCanadian Public Health Challenge kick-off
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The Health Data Integration Landscape


The Health Data Integration Landscape: Challenges and Opportunities

Alice just had an MRI and asks her doctor for a copy of her record. What does she get from the doctors office? Bob visits a specialist for a second opinion. Does he really need to undergo that costly procedure again? Sam has been using a wearable. How can she share that data with her nutritionist? Join us for a discussion on Health Data Integration in the enterprise and beyond.

What initiatives are we seeing from the public and private sectors to increase data integration throughout the healthcare ecosystem. We’ll review a number of technologies like HL7’s proposed FHIR standard, OHDSI’s Common Data Model, Vanderbilt University’s Redcap, one of Alexander’s own integration projects and position papers like the ONC HIT’s 10 year vision plan.

Speaker Bios

Alexander Sicular has practiced medical informatics for more than 16 years, most recently as Director of Medical Informatics at Columbia University’s Departments of Neurology and Obstetrics and Gynecology. Working together with clinicians, researcher and hospital administrators, Alexander has worked to implement systems that integrate clinical data from different databases and data models to improve operational efficiency, reduce the burden of regulatory compliance, enhance data quality and increase research opportunities.

David Haddad is the Executive Director of Open mHealth. He comes with a breadth of experience in both domestic and global health, working for organizations like the World Bank and UN Foundation. David holds a master’s degree in health economics and policy from the London School of Economics and a bachelors in chemistry and public health from UC Berkeley.


6:00 pm // Networking

6:15 pm // Introduction and Welcome

6:20 pm // The Health Data Integration Landscape: Challenges and Opportunities, talk and Q&A

7:00 pm // Free time for networking

8:00 pm // Event ends



Hacking Health New York CityThe Health Data Integration Landscape
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