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HH Kuala Lumpur Clinic


The first Hacking Health clinic is on. Mark your calendars – March 19, 2016. More details including the programme soon. Stay tuned.

Find out what’s the excitement all about and why we do it at Hacking Health

Listen to revolutionary ideas and how healthcare and technology can work together to improve both industries.

Identify potential areas in medicine where application of technology can improve healthcare.

Meet passionate clinicians, allied health professionals, hospital administrators, IT developers, companies assisting startups and interested individuals with a common goal.

Know how to leverage a robust and safe platform on iOS, WatchOS and HealthKit. Take the opportunity to meet other iOS enthusiasts.

Thank you for your interest in the event!!

The registration for this clinic has closed. Please re-visit for many future upcoming events. Follow us on twitter @hackinghealthkl or Facebook (HackingHealthKL). You can still write to us and would love to hear from you.

Follow us on Medium.

For registered participants, we will be in touch shortly to confirm your attendance and to update you on the event.


 About Hacking Health  by Dr Benjamin Cheah and Mr Jonathan Tieh


 Apple in Health


Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in Medicine by Dr Dhesi Baha Raja


Data : Cloud, Analysis and Security. What’s the future? by Mr Leon Jackson


Medical Informatics : Where are we? by Prof Jai Mohan, Professor of Health Informatics






Summary and moving forward – identifying potential projects


TEA & Closing


Hacking Health Kuala LumpurHH Kuala Lumpur Clinic
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Become an expert on FHIR


As FHIR growing we purpose a special 1 day workshop dedicated to become an expert in FHIR with the international expert James Agnew.

What is FHIR?

FHIR® – Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources ( – is a next generation standards framework created by HL7. FHIR combines the best features of HL7’s v2 , HL7 v3 and CDA product lines while leveraging the latest web standards and applying a tight focus on implementability.

FHIR solutions are built from a set of modular components called “Resources”. These resources can easily be assembled into working systems that solve real world clinical and administrative problems at a fraction of the price of existing alternatives. FHIR is suitable for use in a wide variety of contexts – mobile phone apps, cloud communications, EHR-based data sharing, server communication in large institutional healthcare providers, and much more.

Who is James Agnew?

James Agnew is an architect with University Health Network in Toronto Canada. He has spent the last 10 years pushing open source technologies as a way of building better software in the health arena. As a part of this mission, he leads the HAPI project, which is a free platform for exchanging medical data used in projects around the world.


Familiarity with web technologies such as REST and JSON/XML


(including lunch and full access to Hacking Health Camp)
[row][col offset_sm=”4″ sm=”4″]Enroll now !

Hacking Health > StrasbourgHacking Health Camp 2016

1. Overview of different data standards in healthcare, and current methods for exchanging data
2. The FHIR data model: resources, datatypes, narratives

3. The FHIR REST API: creating, updating, and finding health data

4. Profiling, extending and constraining FHIR for your own use
5. Patterns for building FHIR servers and clients

7. FHIR implementations currently happening
8. Development libraries and where to get help

Hacking Health StrasbourgBecome an expert on FHIR
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Hacking Health Camp – Hackathon


Look at last edition’s video

Health professionals, patients, developers, designers, entrepreneurs, … together to co-create innovative prototypes in healthcare.

A hackathon is a rapid prototyping solutions marathon build by team. Join a team or submit a project and share a unique experience to imagine the future of healthcare. Event is open to everyone who want to change the world of healthcare !
Register Now ! Submit a project !

Submit a challenge

A challenge is a healthcare problem that could be resolved by a hardware or software digital solution or both.

Topic could be : medical record, open data, care delivery, hospital-city link, mobile health, quantified-self, aging, patient empowerment, patient engagement

Challenge owner presents his project on friday evening in 1 mn and then look for a team.

You can look for a team before the event by using the sparkboard or recruit yourself attendees.

Challenge can be submit whenever you want before event started. More early is better to help attendees understand your project.

Partners give us tools, devices, data and services to help you implement your solutions.

To submit your challenge you need to subscribe to the event and then on the sparkboard.

This year our partner GET (Global eHealth Transforming services) identify unmet needs in the Health space that can be solved with the use of technology. That is, “market gaps” where seems there are not enough IT solutions and, therefore, can become business opportunities for eHealth entrepreneurs and companies

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Find your team

Before subscribe you may exchange with challenge owner and other attendees, via the sparkboard or by coming to our Hacking Health Coffee.

To be informed on next Hacking Health Coffee, subscribe to the mailing-list

It’s on friday evening, after challenge’s owners pitch, team will be official

Rules and IP

There’s a rule and a code of conduct for the hackathon. In brief all stuff realized during the hackathon is open-source but you can choose to do otherwise by asking the team before.
However IP is not a question here : IDEAS DON’T WORTH, ALL IS ABOUT EXECUTION. This event is a new way to learn and collaborate, let’s share your ideas and listen to others. If you find something interesting there’s a long way to success where we can help you with Hacking Health Accelerator and Hacking Health Factory.

Honorables Mentions

assign by the jury to reward a project on a topic

> Health solution most likely to succeed
> Best innovation
> Best solution for healthcare collaboration

> Best solution targeting clinics
> Most innovative health solution
> Best solution targeting hospital

> Best solution for healthcare system
> Best health education solution
> Hacking Health choice award
> People’s choice award

Prix sponsors

assign by the sponsor on his topic


Health innovation for patient

This award reflect our will to help developping solutions and services across the drug for patients empowerment.
Award :

  • project promotion on
  • pitch project internally in front of the innovation community of Sanofi France
  • half day coaching and mentoring on the project with Sanofi experts

Improving patient results

At Medtronic, we think technologies, data and our common expertise with our partners can help create new model of care, optimized and value based, able to improve results for patients as reducing costs.

Award :

  • Web site (external and internal) and social network promotion
  • 10h coaching with Medtronic ressources
  • Half day brainstorming session with Medtronic experts
  • Product promotion on booth in congress where Medtronic expose

Asset performance management award : GE Healthcare aim to improve XRay management for the patient all along his healthcare path. For example an app to manage waiting room by using usable and administrative data and machine learning.

Award :

  • team coaching by GE Healthcare experts : 5 days/expert
  • pitch to Asset Performance Management business unit
  • connections and follow-up for experimentation in hospitals
  • access to the market: get in touch with customers

Health innovation to improve patient experience between two hospital care visits
This award target our priority to create innovation for patient quality of life improvement and answers to unmet needs in healthcare.

Award :

  • project promotion ( website, public and internal meetings of Head of Innovation team)
  • pitch at internal Roche Lab event and internal communication to the enterprise
  • 2 half day of coaching and advising to follow-up project and make external relationships

Topic : prevention and therapeutic education

The main mission of Humanis is to offer a better quality of life to everyone. It mainly supports vulnerable people (health, unemployment, handicap, widowerhood, dependency)

Award :

  • provision of resources and expertise (legal, financier, relationship)
  • improve the visibility via external communication actions of the group Humanis
  • presentation of the project to the management team of Humanis is the partner for health and well-being of users, the site meets monthly average of 7,000,000 unique visitors. Doctissimo offers both expert information and dialogue spaces where 3 million members of the community gather to exchange. Doctissimo’s prize will be awarded to patient oriented innovative solution, illustrating the best brand signature “Live well every day”.

Award :
Doctissimo will relay the award on its website and promote the winner’s solution!


Prix Hacking Health Factory

project support assign by a partner based on team and project power to succeed with the help and expertise of Hacking Health Factory

La Javaness, accelerator for digital innovations, create bridges between big player and startups and contribute to build the digital Europe. La Javaness take care to build and secure partnership with big players in all domains.

As a Hacking Health partner, La Javaness give access to the acceleration program. You will have full-stack and dedicated follow-up on all business and technologies issues :

  • Hosting at Remix coworking, entrepreneur community in Silicon Sentier Paris
  • 0,5 day / week lean startup follow-up with a Startup Hacker
  • 1 day / week digital expert (UX, Data, Growth hacking, IT)
  • 3 mentoring sessions with insightful entrepreneurs
  • technical experimentation platform access UX, Devops and Big Data
  • accountability, legal and HR resources with our partners

Integrate La Javaness program after the hackathon is the guarantee to build an MVP that fit your market and access to big player in healthcare to accelerate customer acquisition.

ekito, the french company builder, recruits startups, entrepreneurs and changemakers.We work in an authentic lean startup way, to fastforward your project. We generally save 3 to 6 months to projects.

ekito is the right place to experiment, validate, build and groooooooooooooooow. We have access to a large ecosystem of infrastructures to test assumptions and validate a product/market fit.

As a Hacking Health partner, ekito will boost your project by providing mentoring and hosting to your team. We will also introduce you to some industry leaders for business development purpose

bwcon IoT prize will be awarded to the most innovative project making use of the Internet of Things. The winning team will get exclusive access to the coaching programme of the IoT Accelerator Arena42 based in Stuttgart. It comprises 8 Coaching Days covering Business Modeling, Marketing, Design, IPR, Legal and Pretotyping at an overall value of 6.000 Euro.

« Starter Class », la prépa des créateurs d’entreprises innovantes.
Pour aider les entrepreneurs innovants à mâturer leur projet, leur BP et optimiser leurs chances de réussite, SEMIA a imaginé ce programme s’étalant sur 6 mois (3j/mois) avec un double objectif:

  • Aider les « start—uppers » à structurer leur offre autour de propositions de valeur clairement identifiées
  • Développer leurs compétences entrepreneuriales

With Rockstart Digital Health build, validate and scale your digital health startup and find the best international product/market fit.
Award :
2-4 hours of one-on-one coaching with Rockstart Digital Health Program Director : Maarten De Braber

Angels Santé : business angels in healthcare, Ayming healthcare consultants, and De Gaulle Fleurance & Associés lawyers healthcare specialist award is:

  • pitch session on a plenary session of Angels Santé
  • coaching from Ayming :
    • newsletter communication for the winner
    • website communication
    • invitation on event organized by Ayming during the year with pitch session
    • morning consulting session by our Innovation & Sub team to analyse fund raising opportunity
    • 3 meetings with Ayming customer’s company in healthcare
    • free meeting room for 1 meeting with a potential customer organize by the startup everywhere in the world where Ayming has offices.
    • webinar with your customer during one organize by Ayming on healthcare (usually october)
  • coaching from De Gaulle Fleurance & Associés : 2 hours brainstorming meeting in our office in Paris with 2 lawyers specialized in innovation to help the team in building and validating legal aspects of the project. Also a special communication on the project in our network.

RV dans les jours suivant le hackathon pour étudier le projet et les financements

Hacking Health > StrasbourgHacking Health Camp 2016 > Conferences | Training | HackathonPress | FAQ


Pitch Clinics

Damien Rillard & Stephane Becker

Pitchs training session

Design Clinics

La Fabrique de l’hospitalité

Design Thinking workshop – prepare your project

Sébastien LetéliéLuc Sirois


Hacking Health : Sébastien LetéliéLuc Sirois


Innovate to improve patient’s quality of life

Isabelle Vitali – Innovation and Alliances Development Director

Pascal Desfarges


Pascal Desfarges

Hacker, remixer, innover par ceux qui vivent, produisent, et inventent la santé de demain

Grand Amphithéâtre de la Fac de médecine


Hacking Health StrasbourgHacking Health Camp – Hackathon
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Hacking Health Camp – Conferences


See last edition conferences videos

Inspiring and forward-thinking conferences on the future of health

Presented by a line up of internationally-recognized health mentors : renowned health professionals, entrepreneurs, policy makers and philosophers bring inspiration to us by discussing their vision of future of health.

Startups contest

Coming from all Europe, health startups will pitch their projects.
Just like crowdfunding, each attendee of the audience will be given a fake banknotes of 500€ and will be asked to put their money on their favorite startups.

Hacking Health > StrasbourgHacking Health Camp 2016 > Conferences | Training | HackathonPress | FAQ


Live translation available for all conferences between English and French (ask for your headphones at registration)



Sébastien LetéliéLuc Sirois

Introduction (EN)

Hacking Health : Sébastien LetéliéLuc Sirois


odile piot-grosjeansanofi


Open-innovation at Sanofi : from R&D to drug, a hope for patients (FR)

Odile Piot-Grosjean – Directrice R&D

Luc Soler

Surgery and Computer Science : Inventing the Future (FR)

Luc Soler

Pierre Garner

Design and Selfcare : When patient meet empowerment (FR)

Pierre Garner

Malcolm Pradhan

Patients sans Frontières – The Future of AI and Deep Learning in Healthcare (EN)

Malcolm Pradhan


Lunch – Restaurant La Bourse (limited to 200 first subscribers)

laurence comte-arassusmedtronic


Partnership as a key to move towards value based healthcare (FR)

Laurence Comte Arassus – Vice President Medtronic France

Benoit Thieulin

Connected health, 2.0 or personalized (FR)

Benoit Thieulin

Charles Jaffe

The Future of Healthcare (EN)

Charles Jaffe


Empathy and data subjectivation (FR)

Remy Bourganel


Sébastien LetéliéLuc Sirois

Conclusion (EN)

Hacking Health : Sébastien LetéliéLuc Sirois

Apéro VIP – Hospices de Strasbourg (invitation required)

Startups Contest

Stimul is a high-touch intervention program delivered through our online platform that provides everybody with the capacity to build healthy lifestyle habits thanks to human coaching, personalization, tracking, pedagogical knowledge and flexibility.
Stimul is addressing companies (HR), insurances (Innovation) and Doctors who need to improve physical activity prescription observance.

Fondée dans les suites du Hacking Health Camp 2015, AquitHealth se concentre sur l’accompagnement et le développement de solutions numérique en santé.
Son premier produit, gagnant du prix « Best solution for clinicians » en 2015, Galien, est un logiciel multiplateforme de recherche des interactions médicamenteuses.
AquitHealth développe en parallèle d’autres projets, qui seront dévoilés courant 2016.

ViViDoctor is your live doctor in your pocket. It lets a patient to connect a doctor in real time immediately via a mobile device.



i-Nside Pro is the world’s first application that allows assisted diagnostic of eardrums pathology.
It uses Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence (coupled with a library of about 75000 eardrums pictures) to offer a diagnostic in few seconds.
Designed for NGO, medical deserts and nursing homes, i-Nside Pro assists caregivers who can take pictures with their smartphone.

Medeo crée des solutions de transfert des données générées par les outils de diagnostic et facilite leur visualisation en les intégrant dans les logiciels professionnels ainsi que sur des plateformes web.

Eye movement recording is a non-invasive tool that can provide early information for the diagnosis of neurodegenerative disorders. Therefore we develop a Smart EOG Eye Patch.

Eyeware’s vision is to connect people and computers. We leverage computer vision based head, face and eye tracking technology to offer solutions to problems in healthcare, research and robotics. Our first product, “Eyeware-Assist”, allows people with limited body mobility to control a standard computer using their head and face movements.

The Acute Stroke App on the line hand helps medical doctors to enclose stroke patients fast (“Time is brain”) into clinical trials and on the other hand offers some patients new treatments. It was developed at the University Hospital in Tübingen together with Medical Doctors from the Stroke Unit.

La mission de NANOVARE est d’introduire sur le marché un auto-test de fertilité masculine, qui laisse à l’usager le soin de choisir ses conditions de confort et d’intimité. Nous augmentons la précision et l’informativité de ce test d’environ 500%

Umanlife est une plateforme Web et Mobile de prévention qui permet à un individu / un salarié / un assuré / un patient de gérer et suivre, en toute sécurité, sa Santé et son Bien-être, grâce à son tableau de bord personnalisé.

Hacking Health StrasbourgHacking Health Camp – Conferences
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HH Edmonton Workshop – IBM Bluemix Tutorial



So you attended our Bluemix cafe (not yet registered? Tickets still available!) and have a better understanding of the many ways the platform can give your next healthcare app an edge. You’ve heard from the Social Angel team how they leveraged Bluemix to build the top award winning app at the Health+Promotion Innovation Challenge in Montreal. Maybe you’ve come up with an amazing idea to put the Watson and the cognitive abilities of the platform to work in improving healthcare. You’re ready to take it for a spin – now what? Attend this Bluemix workshop for some quality hands-on instructional time with IBM Bluemix experts, of course!

Purpose of the Workshop

  • Learn how to navigate through the Bluemix platform
  • Learn how to quickly develop your own programs to address your challenges
  • Introduction to app development on the cloud



    • Bring your laptop, make sure you have either Firefox or Chrome installed
    • It will really help if you have already registered for a FREE trial of IBM’s Bluemix tools: click here for your free trial
    • Once you have confirmed your registration, sign in and take a quick look at everything
    • Don’t worry that it might seem big and complicated – there are a lot of very specialized components that help advanced users be more efficient or secure, we’ll do our best to walk you through it
    • If you’re feeling very ambitious, check out this page


What You Can Expect to Take Away

      • You’ll have written at least one simple program and you’ll have all the tools needed to writing something more ambitious
      • You’ll be among some of the first in the world to explore the latest cognitive tools
      • You’ll have a competitive edge using Bluemix entering into the Hacking Health Hackathon


If You Want to Get a Head Start

Hacking Health > Edmonton > Hacking Health IBM Bluemix Workshop




Hacking Health EdmontonHH Edmonton Workshop – IBM Bluemix Tutorial
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HH Winnipeg 2014 hackathon


Pre-Operative Testing Team LogixMD
Ganesan Abu, Clayton Wilchowy and Keegan Walker
(Big Package – Consultation Services from Eureka, Ade & Co, and GDC Manitoba)


Read more on this success story here

DischargeLink Team:
Xibiao Ye and Dan Major
($1500 from LSAM for BIO Convention)

V-Stat Team: Ganesan Abu, Patrick Benske, Patrick Bullert, George Chen, Dennis Koverzin
(Passes to Innovate MB’s Launch’pad Workshop)






Hacking Health WinnipegHH Winnipeg 2014 hackathon
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Desjardins HH Innovation Challenge




About this event

Health promotion is the best way to stay healthy, live longer, live better and with people you love.
Hacking Health and its partners Desjardins,  IBM Canada and CHU Sainte-Justine, teamed up this for design challenge, co-presented by Desjardins Insurance.

By organizing the  Health+Promotion Innovation Challenge we brought together professionals from the health and IT sector as well as designers and any citizen committed to their health.

Desjardins, Ste-Justine Children’s Hospital and Hacking Health worked together to identify 5 key themes to inspire the participants: healthy lifestyle,mental health and stress management, empowerment through knowledge, work-life balance and caregiver-patient dynamics.

Over the course of 3 days, more than 270 participants worked on a total of 28 projects, with support and mentoring from the event partners and well as other industry experts. Daycare was also made available on site to make it easier for parents to participate.


Winners List

The grand prize, which includes $3,500 in cash, IBM Bluemix workshops and access to the services of the Fasken Martineau startup program, was awarded to SocialAngel, a mobile app for parents to keep an eye on their children’s social activities. With the young ones permission, mom and dad can be alerted when sources of stress like online bullying occur.

The Bluemix prize, comprising of a one year subscription to IBM Global Entrepreneur Program (with access to IBM Bluemix), was awarded to e-Munité, an online and mobile app designed to suggest prevention measures according to the health conditions programmed in the user’s profile.

The Health at Work prize –$1,000 awarded to the favourite entry promoting workplace health – went to Tribu, an innovative solution intended to help caregivers by creating a support group to share knowledge and resources.

The Mon menu initiative, which is a personalized app that takes the user’s dietary restrictions in account before suggesting the best option available on the cafeteria’s menu, went home with the $1,500 Nautilus Plus prize.

And finally, The Public Health Agency of Canada handed out two prizes, which included workshops, mentoring sessions and market intelligence services to the teams that developed the Run2Play and HALEO concepts.


The other projects
The event site


Press release
Haleo, Born in HH Montreal
About Social Angel (French)

See how Desjardins supports innovation across Canada


Hacking Health MontrealDesjardins HH Innovation Challenge
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Canadian Public Health Challenge kick-off

Hacking Health Montreal invites you to attend the unveiling of the themes for the Desjardins Hacking Health Innovation Challenge (presence is optional) which will take place the 23rd of October at Civic Forum for Innovation and Health Promotion hosted at the Desjardins Complex. This forum is organized by Ste-Justine Hospital as the closing event of its Health Innovation Week. You can participate in a Hacking Health pitch clinic to help you articulate an idea you’d like to pitch and mingle with over twenty organizations in healthcare promotion. This free event is also a great opportunity to get inspired and to exchange ideas with different actors in anticipation of the Desjardins Hacking Health Challenge.






bdc capital








infoway inforoute






Hacking Health MontrealCanadian Public Health Challenge kick-off
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HH Ottawa: How to Hack Healthcare

How to Hack Healthcare: #ideatoapp2015

In collaboration with the Ottawa Internet of Things conference (@IoT613), Hacking Health Ottawa (@HHOttawa) has hosted a fun, engaging, and exciting workshop on Thursday, Sept. 24th at 6:00 pm (doors open at 5:30 pm)!

We heared from Dr. Jordan Littman, a family physician who learned how to code and subsequently developed Prescribe Smart – an app that guides medication prescribers with up-to-date information about available medications, prices, LU codes, and much more! He will go through his app development process, as well as lessons learned and problems encountered in bringing his idea to fruition.

With the guidance of Juliana Alvarez and Paul Cuciureanu, both professionals in the fields of design, UX, and social media, we learned about the fundamentals of how to approach the development of your idea into an app, as well as how to troubleshoot problems you may encounter along the way!

Lastly, we connected participants with a multidisciplinary team of professionals to start working on your ideas and healthcare problems – the first step into making them a reality!

This promisesed to be an educational and rewarding experience. Come with your skills, ideas, and/or healthcare problems you want to solve in our next event in January. Check back here for more details soon.

#hhottawa #ideatoapp2015 #IoT613





Hacking Health OttawaHH Ottawa: How to Hack Healthcare
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