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HH Montreal – Health: Ideas to improve access to care



Can the public and private systems co-exist?

Access to free health care is a right protected by law in Canada. The word “private” is perceived by citizens as a threat to this right. If the public health care system utilises the private system to make care more accessible to patients; does it become less public?

This theme is aimed at identifying the true issues by looking at a few real life case studies.

Alain Vadeboncoeur shares a recent presentation. Suggested reading: Privé de soins : contre la régression tranquille en santé.

Gilles Cossette, IPS currently shares his time between his public work and his nursing clinic

Telemedicine Now

In 80% of cases, thanks to new technologies, healthcare services can be administered remotely.  How can new technologies contribute to treating chronic diseases remotely, address the lack of adequate and effective care in certain regions, and help keep the elderly in their homes as long as possible.

Roger Simard, Pharmacy 3.0, Pharmacist, friend of Eric Topol, the pope of telemedicine, reveals the finidngs of the pilot project “Remote Monitoring” of 40 elderly persons at home.

Daniel Martz, Equinox Telemedicine in Vancouver

Innovation panel : small steps … giant leaps for healthcare

Patrice Gilbert, Petal MD : The iPhone is replacing the pager for doctors. When will the fax be replaced in hospitals?

Dr. John Reeves, Cossette Health : Infoscript as 80% of what doctors tell their patients is forgotten or confused (in English)

Raymond Boisvert, Québec Scope : Eliminate one of the first causes of infections in hospitals.

Quentin, PDG Doctr : Making last minute and emergency appointments on your smartphone.


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Hacking Health MontrealHH Montreal – Health: Ideas to improve access to care
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