What is Sparkboard

Sparkboard is a tool that allows us to form teams around challenges.

It was first designed in preparation for the original Hacking Health hackathon in Montréal, 2012.

Why use Sparkboard

  • Build momentum for your event
  • Form better teams
  • Improve quality of ideas/preparation
  • Organizer dashboard: ‘who is working on what?’
  • Showcase projects to the world

How it works

  • An organizer attracts a community of people around a common purpose.
  • Participants share project ideas and ask for help.
  • More people join the community as the best ideas gain momentum.
  • Small teams self-organize around the best ideas. Participants collaborate, and teams help each other out.

COVID-19 Sparkboard

COVID-19 Sparkboard has been created in response to COVID-19 with the idea of allowing collaborators around the world to form teams and respond to challenges. It is also intended as a repository of solutions. It allows you to browse events, decide to join a project, or start your own. It also allows those looking for solutions to contact teams and help scale those solutions.