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Hacking Health welcomes Joule as National Medical Partner for Innovation

Joule, the Canadian Medical Association’s (CMA) newest company, has officially become Hacking Health’s National Medical Partner, providing the tools and resources for Canada’s physicians to develop innovation that will help shape the country’s healthcare system and improve patient outcomes.
Serving the CMA’s more than 86,000 members, Joule is a catalyst for physician-led innovation.
“Hacking Health provides our country’s innovators with crucial resources to develop patient-centred solutions that can make a real difference in health care and this is exactly what Joule is all about, explains Joule CEO Lindee David. We are confident that this collaboration will benefit CMA members who are seeking those types of resources.”
“This partnership is a win-win for both parties involved,” explains Luc Sirois, co-founder of Hacking Health. “In working with Joule, we will continue to bring the world’s foremost innovators together to develop creative and collaborative solutions to a number of health issues here in Canada.”
In spring 2017, Joule teamed up with Hacking Health for events in Halifax and Ottawa and will actively take part in Montreal, Quebec City, Prince George and Toronto this coming Fall.
For more information on this partnership, please watch this video. For more information about Joule please visit


FrancisHacking Health welcomes Joule as National Medical Partner for Innovation