We are Hacking Health Berlin

HACKING HEALTH is a grassroots, volunteer-based, unconventional organization that achieves impact through a very creative, collaborative, bottom-up, community-centered approach. It is now looking to achieve a new level of impact, building on its unique DNA.


Foster innovative digital health ecosystems.
Engage and inspire its stakeholders.
Support the development of human-centric solutions.


HACKING HEALTH is a mindset, not a skillset.
All members are considered valuable contributors, regardless of the expertise and experience that they have to offer. Hackathons are a collective activity that transcends individual agendas to give a voice to all sector stakeholders. HACKING HEALTH’s desire is to drive impact, to focus on more action and less talk. We engage diverse stakeholders both inside and outside the health sector to look at healthcare challenges from a variety of perspectives to bring fresh insights and build new, innovative solutions. We favour rapid, iterative development of solutions in a manner that creates the shortest feedback loop between users and creators.

Our team


Pablo David Rojas, PhD.

Community Outreach Lead

Dr. med. Akira Poncette

Board Member

Joscha Hofferbert


Dr. med. Katarina Braune


María Marchante Fernández

Dr. Lara Maier

Franziska Braune

Anna Borodova

Raquel Correia

Tom Oelschläger

Dirk Miethe

Amelia Young

Álvaro Valera Sosa

Anastasiya Lebedev

Florian Wirtz


Hacking Health BerlinBerlin – Germany