Germany Prevention and Digital Health Meetup - 2019 Germany Prevention and Digital Health Meetup - 2019

Prevention and Digital Health Meetup – 2019

Hacking Health Berlin organized a discussion on the implications of digital health technologies and the Digitale-Versorgung-Gesetz (Digital Care Law, DVG) for patients and the wider health system. Can digital health apps improve patient outcomes? Is it a good idea to let them collect your data? And should the government pay for them? These were among the points addressed by the four keynote speakers Dr. Henrik Matthies (Managing Director – Health Innovation Hub of the Ministry of Health), Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas P. Zahn (i.a. CEO Data Science Institute and fib Research Institute of the BBW University), Ulrike Braeter (Managing Director – Department of Prevention of the health-economy-cluster Berlin-Brandenburg) and Paul Burggraf (CEO and CoFounder – Thrive). 


The DVG, championed by German Health Minister Jens Spahn and implemented in 2020, allows doctors to prescribe the use of technology like health tracking apps. Supporters say it represents a significant step towards bringing healthcare in sync with an increasingly digital world. But we’re still learning how this looks in practice and what it means for both patient privacy and patient outcomes.

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