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CarePRN: matching home care needs and givers

Care PRN

How can you improve access to professional and convenient home care?


Paula Lauren (fourth from left) competed at Hacking Health in Detroit last month, and received awards for her group's app, "CarePRN."

About CarePRN

RN nurse in training and home care provider Jason Wolfe-Greer entered Hacking Health Windsor Detroit’s first hackathon with a simple idea: make it easier for families to find and schedule home care for their loved ones. Together with his team they developed Care PRN, which won “Best Student Team from the US” award. This allowed them to benefit from a 3 month launch program at event host and research and technology business center Tech Town Detroit. This digital marketplace will make it easier for families find a trusted home caregiver while supporting homecare givers in finding reliable work and reducing administrative expenses.

What inspired you to launch your own business?

The launch of CarePRN came from personal need. When I was helping to care for my fiancée’s grandfather at home, there was no good source to turn to in order to find trustworthy home care. I did not need the constant care of a home healthcare agency and did not want some stranger from Craigslist. The desire to be able to get a break from the care demands of caring for a loved one at home and knowing they would be in the trustworthy, competent hands of a background-checked, certified caregiver is what drove me to start CarePRN.

Given what you know now, what would you have done differently in the beginning?

I would change my expectation on how easy it would be to get an idea from concept to market and how long that would take. From when I started working on CarePRN, I thought I would be to market in under a year, but there are many challenges and obstacles that must be overcome to keep an idea moving down the path to market.



Valérie DoréCarePRN: matching home care needs and givers