Mental support application for precarious and unemployed workers

People who are underemployed or unemployed experience heightened stress due to lack of job security, financial concerns, unpredictable work hours, and resulting personal and family pressures. These stressors negatively impact people’s job performance, their efforts to find secure employment, their physical and mental health, and their ability to manage practical aspects of their lives, including basic necessities such as food, housing, and child care. These burdens make it difficult to focus on personal mental health. DTC (Destress and Take Control) is an email-based application for electronic devices (smartphone, laptop, tablet, BlackBerry) to help underemployed and unemployed people reduce stress and manage daily life. The app will consist of three components: (1) stress-reduction activities; (2) a daily email prompting users to choose a stress-relieving activity and to take action on a specific stressor; and (3) links to services available in Toronto related to specific stressors (mental health counselling, employment counselling, food and housing supports, financial supports).

FrancisMental support application for precarious and unemployed workers