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Hacking Health Camp – Hackathon


Look at last edition’s video

Health professionals, patients, developers, designers, entrepreneurs, … together to co-create innovative prototypes in healthcare.

A hackathon is a rapid prototyping solutions marathon build by team. Join a team or submit a project and share a unique experience to imagine the future of healthcare. Event is open to everyone who want to change the world of healthcare !
Register Now ! Submit a project !

Submit a challenge

A challenge is a healthcare problem that could be resolved by a hardware or software digital solution or both.

Topic could be : medical record, open data, care delivery, hospital-city link, mobile health, quantified-self, aging, patient empowerment, patient engagement

Challenge owner presents his project on friday evening in 1 mn and then look for a team.

You can look for a team before the event by using the sparkboard or recruit yourself attendees.

Challenge can be submit whenever you want before event started. More early is better to help attendees understand your project.

Partners give us tools, devices, data and services to help you implement your solutions.

To submit your challenge you need to subscribe to the event and then on the sparkboard.

This year our partner GET (Global eHealth Transforming services) identify unmet needs in the Health space that can be solved with the use of technology. That is, “market gaps” where seems there are not enough IT solutions and, therefore, can become business opportunities for eHealth entrepreneurs and companies

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Find your team

Before subscribe you may exchange with challenge owner and other attendees, via the sparkboard or by coming to our Hacking Health Coffee.

To be informed on next Hacking Health Coffee, subscribe to the mailing-list

It’s on friday evening, after challenge’s owners pitch, team will be official

Rules and IP

There’s a rule and a code of conduct for the hackathon. In brief all stuff realized during the hackathon is open-source but you can choose to do otherwise by asking the team before.
However IP is not a question here : IDEAS DON’T WORTH, ALL IS ABOUT EXECUTION. This event is a new way to learn and collaborate, let’s share your ideas and listen to others. If you find something interesting there’s a long way to success where we can help you with Hacking Health Accelerator and Hacking Health Factory.

Honorables Mentions

assign by the jury to reward a project on a topic

> Health solution most likely to succeed
> Best innovation
> Best solution for healthcare collaboration

> Best solution targeting clinics
> Most innovative health solution
> Best solution targeting hospital

> Best solution for healthcare system
> Best health education solution
> Hacking Health choice award
> People’s choice award

Prix sponsors

assign by the sponsor on his topic


Health innovation for patient

This award reflect our will to help developping solutions and services across the drug for patients empowerment.
Award :

  • project promotion on
  • pitch project internally in front of the innovation community of Sanofi France
  • half day coaching and mentoring on the project with Sanofi experts

Improving patient results

At Medtronic, we think technologies, data and our common expertise with our partners can help create new model of care, optimized and value based, able to improve results for patients as reducing costs.

Award :

  • Web site (external and internal) and social network promotion
  • 10h coaching with Medtronic ressources
  • Half day brainstorming session with Medtronic experts
  • Product promotion on booth in congress where Medtronic expose

Asset performance management award : GE Healthcare aim to improve XRay management for the patient all along his healthcare path. For example an app to manage waiting room by using usable and administrative data and machine learning.

Award :

  • team coaching by GE Healthcare experts : 5 days/expert
  • pitch to Asset Performance Management business unit
  • connections and follow-up for experimentation in hospitals
  • access to the market: get in touch with customers

Health innovation to improve patient experience between two hospital care visits
This award target our priority to create innovation for patient quality of life improvement and answers to unmet needs in healthcare.

Award :

  • project promotion ( website, public and internal meetings of Head of Innovation team)
  • pitch at internal Roche Lab event and internal communication to the enterprise
  • 2 half day of coaching and advising to follow-up project and make external relationships

Topic : prevention and therapeutic education

The main mission of Humanis is to offer a better quality of life to everyone. It mainly supports vulnerable people (health, unemployment, handicap, widowerhood, dependency)

Award :

  • provision of resources and expertise (legal, financier, relationship)
  • improve the visibility via external communication actions of the group Humanis
  • presentation of the project to the management team of Humanis is the partner for health and well-being of users, the site meets monthly average of 7,000,000 unique visitors. Doctissimo offers both expert information and dialogue spaces where 3 million members of the community gather to exchange. Doctissimo’s prize will be awarded to patient oriented innovative solution, illustrating the best brand signature “Live well every day”.

Award :
Doctissimo will relay the award on its website and promote the winner’s solution!


Prix Hacking Health Factory

project support assign by a partner based on team and project power to succeed with the help and expertise of Hacking Health Factory

La Javaness, accelerator for digital innovations, create bridges between big player and startups and contribute to build the digital Europe. La Javaness take care to build and secure partnership with big players in all domains.

As a Hacking Health partner, La Javaness give access to the acceleration program. You will have full-stack and dedicated follow-up on all business and technologies issues :

  • Hosting at Remix coworking, entrepreneur community in Silicon Sentier Paris
  • 0,5 day / week lean startup follow-up with a Startup Hacker
  • 1 day / week digital expert (UX, Data, Growth hacking, IT)
  • 3 mentoring sessions with insightful entrepreneurs
  • technical experimentation platform access UX, Devops and Big Data
  • accountability, legal and HR resources with our partners

Integrate La Javaness program after the hackathon is the guarantee to build an MVP that fit your market and access to big player in healthcare to accelerate customer acquisition.

ekito, the french company builder, recruits startups, entrepreneurs and changemakers.We work in an authentic lean startup way, to fastforward your project. We generally save 3 to 6 months to projects.

ekito is the right place to experiment, validate, build and groooooooooooooooow. We have access to a large ecosystem of infrastructures to test assumptions and validate a product/market fit.

As a Hacking Health partner, ekito will boost your project by providing mentoring and hosting to your team. We will also introduce you to some industry leaders for business development purpose

bwcon IoT prize will be awarded to the most innovative project making use of the Internet of Things. The winning team will get exclusive access to the coaching programme of the IoT Accelerator Arena42 based in Stuttgart. It comprises 8 Coaching Days covering Business Modeling, Marketing, Design, IPR, Legal and Pretotyping at an overall value of 6.000 Euro.

« Starter Class », la prépa des créateurs d’entreprises innovantes.
Pour aider les entrepreneurs innovants à mâturer leur projet, leur BP et optimiser leurs chances de réussite, SEMIA a imaginé ce programme s’étalant sur 6 mois (3j/mois) avec un double objectif:

  • Aider les « start—uppers » à structurer leur offre autour de propositions de valeur clairement identifiées
  • Développer leurs compétences entrepreneuriales

With Rockstart Digital Health build, validate and scale your digital health startup and find the best international product/market fit.
Award :
2-4 hours of one-on-one coaching with Rockstart Digital Health Program Director : Maarten De Braber

Angels Santé : business angels in healthcare, Ayming healthcare consultants, and De Gaulle Fleurance & Associés lawyers healthcare specialist award is:

  • pitch session on a plenary session of Angels Santé
  • coaching from Ayming :
    • newsletter communication for the winner
    • website communication
    • invitation on event organized by Ayming during the year with pitch session
    • morning consulting session by our Innovation & Sub team to analyse fund raising opportunity
    • 3 meetings with Ayming customer’s company in healthcare
    • free meeting room for 1 meeting with a potential customer organize by the startup everywhere in the world where Ayming has offices.
    • webinar with your customer during one organize by Ayming on healthcare (usually october)
  • coaching from De Gaulle Fleurance & Associés : 2 hours brainstorming meeting in our office in Paris with 2 lawyers specialized in innovation to help the team in building and validating legal aspects of the project. Also a special communication on the project in our network.

RV dans les jours suivant le hackathon pour étudier le projet et les financements

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Pitch Clinics

Damien Rillard & Stephane Becker

Pitchs training session

Design Clinics

La Fabrique de l’hospitalité

Design Thinking workshop – prepare your project

Sébastien LetéliéLuc Sirois


Hacking Health : Sébastien LetéliéLuc Sirois


Innovate to improve patient’s quality of life

Isabelle Vitali – Innovation and Alliances Development Director

Pascal Desfarges


Pascal Desfarges

Hacker, remixer, innover par ceux qui vivent, produisent, et inventent la santé de demain

Grand Amphithéâtre de la Fac de médecine


Hacking Health StrasbourgHacking Health Camp – Hackathon
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HH Toronto Cafe: Past, Present, Future!


Happy New Year Health Hackers!

We are kicking off the Hacking Health meetups starting in February.


HH Toronto’s next Café is about hearing and learning from HH teams of the past. Through the past few years Hacking Health (HH) Toronto has been the catalyst and birth place for some amazing ideas and products whose aim is to marry tech and healthcare. Teams have managed to bring products from ideation to implementation. HH Toronto’s first Café of 2016 will bring back some of those teams to talk about their success and learnings.


Here’s how the night is going to go:

1. 6:00 – 6:30 pm: Welcome & Networking
2. 6:30 – 7:30 pm: Guest speakers tell us their stories
3. 7:30 – 8:00 pm: Panel discussion and Q&A
4. 8:00 – 8:30 pm: Networking


Guest speakers:
Keith Chung : founded & developed Chime to manage everyday clinic chores
Saurahb Mukhi : CTO at Think Research, Founder and CEO of FliiSolutions
Douglas Moseley : Founder of OsteoMapper
Conner Dickie : Co-founder and CEO of Synbiota
Kenny Liang : Managing Director at Kenesis Systems, Founded Pocket Lab at HHToronto
– Stuart Watt : Founder of The Legacy Project

Sarah SharmaAli Tawfiq


We will be giving away 4 devices courtesy of iHeart



Hacking Health TorontoHH Toronto Cafe: Past, Present, Future!
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HH Café – Edmonton

Looking to explore development options for your next healthcare app (perhaps for the upcoming #HHYEG2016 hackathon), or curious about cognitive computing and how Watson can help tame Big Data?  Get up close and personal with experts from IBM to learn about Bluemix – a cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS) that is used for creating, managing and deploying applications on the cloud. Learn more about the Bluemix platform, followed by a short talk and Q&A session with Social Angel, the winning team from the Health+Promotion Innovation Challenge, on on their experiences using Bluemix to take their project to the next level!
About IBM BlueMix

IBM Bluemix is an open-standards, cloud-based platform for building, managing and running apps and services of all types (web, mobile, big data, new smart devices). Capabilities include Java, NodeJS, mobile backend development, application monitoring, as well as capabilities from ecosystem partners and open source — all through an as-a-service model in the cloud. It also provide developers access to wide variety of ready-made services right into their applications such as geofencing, database (DB2, MySQL, MongoDB, etc.), Big Data (Hadoop, Sparks, etc.), Internet of Things, and the latest IBM Watson cognitive capabilities.

Thinking of using Bluemix for your project? Come to the cafe to learn more – then if you’re interested, on Thursday, February 11th we’ll have a workshop where you can get hands-on, one-on-one experience with mentorship from IBM! These two events are even better together, so register now to get space for both before they’re gone!



Hacking Health EdmontonHH Café – Edmonton
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VertMTL Marathon Launch

(Event in French)

Join us this Thursday for the launch of the VertMTL marathon and to reduce the dependence of Montrealers on fossil fuels. This public consultation, organized by the Office de consultation publique de Montréal (OCPM), challenges the community to innovate and suggest innovative solutions against the challenges and problems that fossil fuels represent.

The marathon is designed to mobilize local citizens interested in the environmental issues, as well as technological entrepreneurs and field specialists in sustainable development and innovation.



Hacking Health MontrealVertMTL Marathon Launch
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HH Hamilton, ON café “Teamwork”

Starts at 6:30pm!

Hacking Health Hamilton is a forum where innovators in healthcare, design, and technology meet, discuss, and share their enthusiasm for improving healthcare through collaboration and innovation.

• You might be a physician, nurse, therapist, or allied health professional with an idea that could solve a problem, and you are looking for technical and design help to make that idea a reality.

• You might be an app builder with a concept for improving health and looking for clinical expertise to refine and deploy it.

• Or you might be a patient advocate enthusiastic about improving our health and wellness through the innovative use of technology.

Whatever the case, Hacking Health is where you need to be!

This time we are at the new Hamilton Family Health Team building – the biggest Health Team in the province – headquartered on James St. North across from the CBC.







bdc capital








infoway inforoute


Hacking Health HamiltonHH Hamilton, ON café “Teamwork”
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