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Health Data: The Whole Patient Narrative in one place


Come and hear health data pioneer Mana Health talk about the (occasionally scary and intimidating) healthcare data landscape.

There are thousands of medical databases and hundreds of devices that need to be interconnected in order to optimize patient care. These connections have traditionally been complex and difficult to achieve but we are at an exciting turning point where this old paradigm is undergoing a massive transformation into a new reality of unified, easy access to the whole patient narrative in one place. If you are a company working with health data, this is the Meetup for you.

Christopher Bradley, CEO and Co-Founder of Mana Health, will be speaking about this cutting-edge and important healthcare issue.




Hacking Health New York CityHealth Data: The Whole Patient Narrative in one place
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HH Ottawa: #HIP613 – Healthcare Insights with Cognos and Watson Analytics

#HIP613 – Healthcare Insights with Cognos and Watson Analytics

Join us to learn how to take advantage of the power of Cognos and Watson Analytics to analyze real world healthcare data to explore and discover new insights. We’ll start off by looking at some simple use cases and end up ramping it up to showcase some awesome techniques. Analyze your data, find some key insights and build a great looking dashboard in just a few clicks. Learn how to get up and running with Cognos and Watson, and get real insights from your data.


This is a hands-on workshop; please bring your laptop and power cord. Make sure that you have either Firefox or Chrome installed. A few days before the workshop, you will receive an email with instruction on how to get ready.

For more information on IBM Cognos Analytics, visit

For more information on IBM Watson Analytics, visit

This IBM workshop is part of the Health Innovation Program (#HIP613) – Ottawa’s first Health Innovation Program that aims to break down the barriers to healthcare innovation in partnership with CHEO-OCTC (Children’s hospital of Eastern Ontario/Ottawa Children’s Treatment Center). #HIP613 consists of a series of talks and hands-on workshops that will connect people, ideas and skills to build teams to tackle frontline healthcare problems at our Spring 2017 hackathon.

Refreshments will be served.

This workshop is proudly presented by our sponsor:


Hacking Health OttawaHH Ottawa: #HIP613 – Healthcare Insights with Cognos and Watson Analytics
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HH St. John’s Café #2


Join us for the second Hacking Health St. John’s Café on Wednesday, October 26th at the College of the North Atlantic on Prince Philip Drive. Hacking Health Cafés are informal meetups where technology innovators, healthcare professionals, students, researchers, and community advocates meet to discuss and debate the challenges of our healthcare system and technologies that will overcome them.

Café #2 will focus on the top ideas from our first café, as voted by attendees: integrating healthcare data, preventive healthcare, and predictive analysis of ER wait time.

Hacking Health St Johns NLHH St. John’s Café #2
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Become an expert on FHIR


As FHIR growing we purpose a special 1 day workshop dedicated to become an expert in FHIR with the international expert James Agnew.

What is FHIR?

FHIR® – Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources ( – is a next generation standards framework created by HL7. FHIR combines the best features of HL7’s v2 , HL7 v3 and CDA product lines while leveraging the latest web standards and applying a tight focus on implementability.

FHIR solutions are built from a set of modular components called “Resources”. These resources can easily be assembled into working systems that solve real world clinical and administrative problems at a fraction of the price of existing alternatives. FHIR is suitable for use in a wide variety of contexts – mobile phone apps, cloud communications, EHR-based data sharing, server communication in large institutional healthcare providers, and much more.

Who is James Agnew?

James Agnew is an architect with University Health Network in Toronto Canada. He has spent the last 10 years pushing open source technologies as a way of building better software in the health arena. As a part of this mission, he leads the HAPI project, which is a free platform for exchanging medical data used in projects around the world.


Familiarity with web technologies such as REST and JSON/XML


(including lunch and full access to Hacking Health Camp)
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Hacking Health > StrasbourgHacking Health Camp 2016

1. Overview of different data standards in healthcare, and current methods for exchanging data
2. The FHIR data model: resources, datatypes, narratives

3. The FHIR REST API: creating, updating, and finding health data

4. Profiling, extending and constraining FHIR for your own use
5. Patterns for building FHIR servers and clients

7. FHIR implementations currently happening
8. Development libraries and where to get help

Hacking Health StrasbourgBecome an expert on FHIR
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HH Vancouver HxD Café: Innovation Boulevard

It’s no secret that that the Hacking Health Vancouver and Healthcare Experience Design Vancouver (HxD) communities are big fans of cross-sector collaboration in healthcare technology: we know that the perfect mix of clinical knowledge with technical and design expertise is a surefire recipe for the kind of innovation that can make a real difference. So for this special event, we’re excited to invite you to come observe a fantastic example of collaboration in its natural habitat: Innovation Boulevard in Surrey!

Innovation Boulevard is an agile partnership of health, business, higher education and government creating new health technologies to improve peoples’ lives. With a dense network of health care organizations, universities, and leading tech companies, this concentrated hub of creativity and talent is doing it right – and the results speak for themselves. Join us at the Health Tech Innovation Hub to hear more about how Innovation Boulevard is building bridges and fostering collaboration between sectors, and learn about some of the amazing companies and projects participating!

Health Data and the Internet of Things

Eswar Eluri

CEO, REVA Solutions
The massive amounts of data that are produced in health care pose a challenge for companies and health care providers alike, but also create opportunities to use data to deliver improved care. Eswar will share his experiences of how he has helped organizations by creating systems that manage health data, and discuss a new partnership with Microsoft and Simon Fraser University to improve seniors care using remote sensors. Eswar has worked internationally in India, Europe and the US including consulting for large companies in workforce and warehouse automation.

Addressing the OR Nurse Staffing Crisis with Simulation Training

Angela Robert

CEO, Conquer Mobile
[/col][col md=”6″]With escalating demands on OR nurses and a staff crisis looming, simulation offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional clinical training. Angela will share Conquer’s experience developing its PeriopSim app working alongside medical professionals. Angela co-founded Conquer Mobile with a vision to transform the way people work by effortlessly embracing mobile technology. She established her credentials as a software engineer at Scotiabank, IBM and Electronic Arts (EA).
Translational Neuroimaging in Autism

Dr. Sam Doesburg

Associate Professor, Simon Fraser University
Increasingly autism is understood to be a disorder of brain connectivity, which affects communication in the autistic brain during the performance of cognitive tasks and even while the brain is at rest. In his talk, Dr. Sam Doesburg will speak about how mapping brain networks using high resolution medical imaging technologies like MEG can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of novel treatments for autism by measuring their impact on brain function. Before joining SFU, Sam was a scientist with the Hospital for Sick Children Research Institute and an Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto.








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Hacking Health VancouverHH Vancouver HxD Café: Innovation Boulevard
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HH café – Strasbourg


Health data : what are the profits and risks ? 

Doctors, computer scientists, students, surgeons, patients,… develop your knowledge in health data or discover what is hidden behind these terms.

Come talk with our speakers and with other participants in various disciplines.

Caroline Zorn will be proud to develop the notion of health data. She’s a lawyer specialized in health field and numerical sector. She created her own office, in Strasbourg, devoted to health and information technologies. Caroline is also “legal coach” for the health Hackathon of Strasbourg. She will be also present during the Hacking Health Camp training day to deepen health data topic.

She will be accompanied by Renato Brasselet, lawyer within Alsace e-santé and PhD in right.

We invite you to joins us on 2nd February 2016 at 19:30 at Le Shadok.

Le Shadok, 25 presqu’ile André Malraux, 67100 Strasbourg




Hacking Health StrasbourgHH café – Strasbourg
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Health Data Aggregation & Management

Join us for the discussion with the CEO of Open mHealth – David Haddad

Open mHealth, a non-profit startup and open source system that’s making mobile health data more accessible. Code produced by Open mHealth is open-sourced through the Apache 2.0 license; this means that the code base can be adapted and evolved by the community members, and it also gives the people who uses the platform the ability to customize it for their specific needs. Open mHealth helps healthcare organizations in 6 ways: by standardizing, storing, integrating, sharing, processing and visualizing the health data.

David will talk about his vision of telling your health story and share more details about how Open mHealth is tackling this issue, including their latest platform Shimmer – which is the first open-source health data aggregator.

About David Haddad

David is the co-founder and executive director of Open mHealth who will join us in person flying all the way from San Francisco. He comes with a breadth of experience in both domestic and global health, working for organizations like the World Bank and UN Foundation. He holds a masters degree in health economics and policy from the London School of Economics and a bachelor’s in chemistry and public health from UC Berkeley. He lives to eat and slangs bike baskets on the weekends.




Hacking Health New York CityHealth Data Aggregation & Management
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HH Ottawa: How to Hack Healthcare

How to Hack Healthcare: #ideatoapp2015

In collaboration with the Ottawa Internet of Things conference (@IoT613), Hacking Health Ottawa (@HHOttawa) has hosted a fun, engaging, and exciting workshop on Thursday, Sept. 24th at 6:00 pm (doors open at 5:30 pm)!

We heared from Dr. Jordan Littman, a family physician who learned how to code and subsequently developed Prescribe Smart – an app that guides medication prescribers with up-to-date information about available medications, prices, LU codes, and much more! He will go through his app development process, as well as lessons learned and problems encountered in bringing his idea to fruition.

With the guidance of Juliana Alvarez and Paul Cuciureanu, both professionals in the fields of design, UX, and social media, we learned about the fundamentals of how to approach the development of your idea into an app, as well as how to troubleshoot problems you may encounter along the way!

Lastly, we connected participants with a multidisciplinary team of professionals to start working on your ideas and healthcare problems – the first step into making them a reality!

This promisesed to be an educational and rewarding experience. Come with your skills, ideas, and/or healthcare problems you want to solve in our next event in January. Check back here for more details soon.

#hhottawa #ideatoapp2015 #IoT613





Hacking Health OttawaHH Ottawa: How to Hack Healthcare
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The Health Data Integration Landscape


The Health Data Integration Landscape: Challenges and Opportunities

Alice just had an MRI and asks her doctor for a copy of her record. What does she get from the doctors office? Bob visits a specialist for a second opinion. Does he really need to undergo that costly procedure again? Sam has been using a wearable. How can she share that data with her nutritionist? Join us for a discussion on Health Data Integration in the enterprise and beyond.

What initiatives are we seeing from the public and private sectors to increase data integration throughout the healthcare ecosystem. We’ll review a number of technologies like HL7’s proposed FHIR standard, OHDSI’s Common Data Model, Vanderbilt University’s Redcap, one of Alexander’s own integration projects and position papers like the ONC HIT’s 10 year vision plan.

Speaker Bios

Alexander Sicular has practiced medical informatics for more than 16 years, most recently as Director of Medical Informatics at Columbia University’s Departments of Neurology and Obstetrics and Gynecology. Working together with clinicians, researcher and hospital administrators, Alexander has worked to implement systems that integrate clinical data from different databases and data models to improve operational efficiency, reduce the burden of regulatory compliance, enhance data quality and increase research opportunities.

David Haddad is the Executive Director of Open mHealth. He comes with a breadth of experience in both domestic and global health, working for organizations like the World Bank and UN Foundation. David holds a master’s degree in health economics and policy from the London School of Economics and a bachelors in chemistry and public health from UC Berkeley.


6:00 pm // Networking

6:15 pm // Introduction and Welcome

6:20 pm // The Health Data Integration Landscape: Challenges and Opportunities, talk and Q&A

7:00 pm // Free time for networking

8:00 pm // Event ends



Hacking Health New York CityThe Health Data Integration Landscape
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