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HH Vancouver HxD Café: Innovation Boulevard

It’s no secret that that the Hacking Health Vancouver and Healthcare Experience Design Vancouver (HxD) communities are big fans of cross-sector collaboration in healthcare technology: we know that the perfect mix of clinical knowledge with technical and design expertise is a surefire recipe for the kind of innovation that can make a real difference. So for this special event, we’re excited to invite you to come observe a fantastic example of collaboration in its natural habitat: Innovation Boulevard in Surrey!

Innovation Boulevard is an agile partnership of health, business, higher education and government creating new health technologies to improve peoples’ lives. With a dense network of health care organizations, universities, and leading tech companies, this concentrated hub of creativity and talent is doing it right – and the results speak for themselves. Join us at the Health Tech Innovation Hub to hear more about how Innovation Boulevard is building bridges and fostering collaboration between sectors, and learn about some of the amazing companies and projects participating!

Health Data and the Internet of Things

Eswar Eluri

CEO, REVA Solutions
The massive amounts of data that are produced in health care pose a challenge for companies and health care providers alike, but also create opportunities to use data to deliver improved care. Eswar will share his experiences of how he has helped organizations by creating systems that manage health data, and discuss a new partnership with Microsoft and Simon Fraser University to improve seniors care using remote sensors. Eswar has worked internationally in India, Europe and the US including consulting for large companies in workforce and warehouse automation.

Addressing the OR Nurse Staffing Crisis with Simulation Training

Angela Robert

CEO, Conquer Mobile
[/col][col md=”6″]With escalating demands on OR nurses and a staff crisis looming, simulation offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional clinical training. Angela will share Conquer’s experience developing its PeriopSim app working alongside medical professionals. Angela co-founded Conquer Mobile with a vision to transform the way people work by effortlessly embracing mobile technology. She established her credentials as a software engineer at Scotiabank, IBM and Electronic Arts (EA).
Translational Neuroimaging in Autism

Dr. Sam Doesburg

Associate Professor, Simon Fraser University
Increasingly autism is understood to be a disorder of brain connectivity, which affects communication in the autistic brain during the performance of cognitive tasks and even while the brain is at rest. In his talk, Dr. Sam Doesburg will speak about how mapping brain networks using high resolution medical imaging technologies like MEG can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of novel treatments for autism by measuring their impact on brain function. Before joining SFU, Sam was a scientist with the Hospital for Sick Children Research Institute and an Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto.








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Hacking Health VancouverHH Vancouver HxD Café: Innovation Boulevard
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