Born @ HH Hackathon

WATCh-ME: HH Milano 2016

Back in November of 2016 at Milano’s Hacking Health Hackathon, the WATCh-ME team developed an award-winning idea for assisting children with developmental delays and their caregivers through their rehabilitation programs.



One way consists in cutting down waiting time and simplifying access to basic services, like blood or urine collection.

Care PRN

CarePRN: matching home care needs and givers

RN nurse in training and home care provider Jason Wolfe-Greer entered Hacking Health Windsor Detroit’s first hackathon with a simple idea: make it easier for families to find and schedule home care for their loved ones. Together with his team they developed Care PRN, which won “Best Student Team from the US” award.

Carekit Team

iUGO Care, Born in HH Toronto

CareKit was created during the 2015 eHealth conference in Toronto for the Hacking Health Design Challenge. This comprehensive software and hardware solution enables monitoring and management in real time of at home patients with the use of wearables and sensors.

haleo team DISbanner

Haleo, Born in HH Montreal

We formed a team during Hacking Health Montreal's Défi Innovation Santé, prototyped our app in 30 hours and ended up winning the Public Health Agency of Canada prize, which includes training and market research support from Canada's prestigious MaRS Venture Services.

LogixMD – Born in HH Winnipeg

It started as a doctor's pitch in Winnipeg last year, but now LogixMD is a dynamic medical software company that creates innovative knowledge translation software and web apps that transform complex medical decision making processes into simple and logical workflow.

Reability Team

Reability – Born in HH Milano

It all started when Chai and Antonello won a Leap Motion device during an hack contest. We decided from there to develop a new brand application using such a device. Since our thesis is related to the healthcare sector, we decided to develop something that can really help other people but at the same time also entertaining and funny to use.

AquitHealth – born in HH Strasbourg

Imagine a patient who has a complex condition and who needs to be treated with a combination of drugs. His treating physician is familiar with all the drugs prescribed but is unsure of the possible interactions between them. So, he calls the pharmacovigilance service to get advice. Louis is the one who answers these calls.


HH Valais 2015 Arkathon winner: Eyeware

La souris virtuelle Eyeware, gagnante du premier Arkathon Hacking Health Valais en juin dernier, a intégré le programme d’accélération The Ark dans le domaine du e-health. Son objectif: commercialiser une première version de son produit au début 2016 déjà! Ce soutien intensif et spécifique fait partie intégrante du prix reçu par les porteurs du projet lors de l’Arkathon 2015.

Project of the Month: MRI for Children

Sylvia pitched an idea of role-playing and story-telling as a basis for app at the design challenge. Her project was a great success, winning a prize from Anges Québec and residency at Cossette‘s Health Observatory.