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Deepening quality, momentum and partnerships

Desjardins Lab and Hacking Health teamed up to develop a unique program focused on social impact, providing teams with more time and support to improve project quality and enable the creation of useful partnerships and collaborations.

Dutch Hacking Health
Senior dignitaries saluted and supported the participants: Dominique Anglade, Minister of Economy, Science and Innovation, Minister responsible
for Digital Strategy, Rita Lc De Santis, Minister responsible for Access to Information and the Reform of Democratic Institutions, Chadi Habib,
Executive Vice-President of Information Technology, Dr. Fabrice Brunet, CEO CHUSJ and CHUM, and many others. // Kicked off in Montreal’s University Health Center’s agora, the Cooperathon culminated in a grand finale in the province’s largest interior open public mall.

The Coopérathon is the new generation of hackathons, running over 4 weeks to foster quality solutions driven by partnerships and supported by the community it seeks to serve.The event is the result of a collaboration between Desjardins Lab and HH and focused on health, smart city and fintech challenges.

It involved over 330 participants and collaborateurs, 500 attendants and 50 community partners. Partners included forward thinking institutions such as teaching hospitals CHU Sainte-Justine and CHUM Montreal, along with Montreal’s urban incubator Innocité and the city of Montreal. From the 96 pitches which were brought forward by the community at the initial kick off in October, over 40 projects emerged. After 672 hours of collaboration, a selection of teams were shortlisted to push their work further and pitch their projects at the final Demo Day. Prizes were awarded by several event partners. University Health Centers are implementing complete in-house innovation programs as next steps to the Cooperathon, extending its impact on a permanent year long basis.”

Kit de communication – Cooperathon Thème Santé

It is the value of cooperation, of inclusion, of social impact that we wanted to embed in a new program.

Federico Puebla
Director Innovation at Desjardins
and Head of Desjardins Lab





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