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Swiss Hacking Health: The Secret Of An Amazing Longevity

After five successful editions, Arkathon, the Hacking Health Switzerland-Valais‘ hackathon is one of the most important health hackathons in Switzerland. A must for the country’s disruptive minds!

How does such an event work? Immersed in a medical facility over a weekend, participants meet with health professionals and patients to develop innovative solutions to solve their health challenges. At the end of these 48 intense hours, the objective is to present a jury of experts concrete digital solutions to address health issues. Each year, the three winners are followed by an acceleration program offered by The Ark Foundation and Swiss Digital Health.

>> Discover the after movie of the last Arkathon’s edition

A robust ecosystem: a work over the years

In the tradition of Hacking Health’s events, Arkathon infused its spirit of innovation and create strong synergies between very diversified stakeholders: academics, institutes and health professionals, patient associations, industry, start-ups,… Partnerships have been created over the years between the actors of digital health innovation: The Ark Foundation, Swiss Digital Health, the Clinique Romande de réadaptation, the Valais hospital site, the HES-SO Valais/Wallis, EPFL Valais/Wallis, GRIMM, the Institut de Recherche en réadaptation, etc.

>> Discover the interviews of the jury about the last Arkathon’s edition

This type of events accelerates projects and immediately detects their technical feasibility and economic potential,” explains Sébastien Mabillard, organizing member of Arkathon HH Switzerland – Valais. ” For the past 5 years, acceleration programs have been offered to hackathon winners by Swiss Digital Health and the Ark Foundation. It’s a way to get these nuggets to market quickly. Our objective is to encourage the emulation of projects with our partners and to support solution providers to “feed” the innovation cluster with viable prototypes to quickly respond to the needs of the field.

Many success stories around the Arkathon of Hacking Health Valais

Recently, a start-up company, Transcend, created by three Valais computer science students, has developed an innovative training tool for high-tech rescue, based on virtual reality technologies. Another hat off to the start-up Eyeware, which has just raised a significant sum of €1.9 million for its eye-tracking system. These two solutions have hatched during previous editions of the Arkathon and are now shining on national and international markets!

>> Discover the interview of three winners’ teams of the last Arkathon’s edition

Join the community and hack tomorrow’s health !

Curious about our event? Do you want to participate in the 2020 edition and contribute its extraordinary longevity with us? Click here to find more information.

Our team of 4, Sébastien Mabillard, Nadia Mottier, Joël Rossier and Frédérique Décaillet, is looking forward to welcoming you to the Valais Alps!


Delphine DavanSwiss Hacking Health: The Secret Of An Amazing Longevity
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Our Volunteers Break Silos And Borders

Hacking Health Windsor-Detroit is the first cross-border Hacking Health chapter in the world. It brings together two cities, which comprise a world-class automotive cluster that is reinventing itself as a global leader in health and mobility.

The 100-year-old Ambassador Bridge is iconic of this chapter’s determination to reach across divides and bring creative people together from the tech, health and automotive sectors to collaborate on innovative solutions to healthcare challenges on both sides of the Detroit River.


This chapter fosters innovation across the Canadian-US border

Now entering its fifth year – Hacking Health Windsor-Detroit has drawn over 1,000 participants, connected over 60 partner organizations, sparked a half-dozen start-up companies (CarePRN is one of them) and inspired a cross-border MedHealth Summit that annually matches health start-ups with investors .

There is also Kaitlyn Sheehan—a Registered Nurse— who had an idea for a mobile app that could improve health care on both sides of the Detroit-Windsor border. Read her fabulous story here and how she won a hackathon top award for mobile app design in this previous post.

Gathering automotive & healthcare sectors in the same place?

From left to right: Deborah Livneh, Zain Ismail and Yvonne Pilon, members of the HHWD chapter

After the lights dimmed on a successful MedHealth Summit in downtown Detroit in early 2018, one that featured an electric keynote by celebrated neuropathologist Dr. Bennet Omalu featured in the movie Concussion, the organizers gathered in a boardroom at the Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy at Wayne State University.  Many of those gathered had been founders and leaders from Hacking Health Windsor-Detroit – which provided the spark for the Medhealth Summit.

In part, the organizers wanted to debrief on such a successful meeting and chart potential destinations for Medhealth in 2019.  This meeting raised the potential of bringing talent from the automotive and health-care sectors together.

A year later, we are happy to report that Hacking Health Windsor-Detroit IV will explore the theme of mobility in the fall. The potential for creative engineers and programmers from General Motors and Google and Lyft to talk healthcare is exciting.



In the video below, Robert C. Brooks, III – a hackathon participant, talks about what the automotive industry can bring to healthcare:

Our Movement Builds Ecosystems of Innovation

At the Medhealth Summit debrief,  Stephen Konya, a Senior Innovation Strategist from the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT with the United States Department of Health and Human Services, was invited to lead a discussion. He is exploring the growing network of health-related cluster initiatives across the United States – a cluster of clusters – and the opportunity to integrate the MedHealth Summit.

And that is the genius of Hacking Health – connecting thought leaders from health and tech regionally, opening up promising collaboration between previously sequestered sectors and looking beyond the horizon to connect creative problem solvers globally. That’s Hacking Health’s approach.


That’s the magic of a grass-roots movement

Want to support our movement? Join/build your local chapter or make a donation!


Original text from Dr. Irek Kusmierczyk,

City Councillor for Ward 7 in the City of Windsor

Director of Partnerships at WEtech Alliance

Leader of the Hacking Health Windsor-Detroit Chapter



Delphine DavanOur Volunteers Break Silos And Borders
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Pre-hackathon café

HIP613 Café – Turning Ideas into Projects and More Success Stories

What does it take to create a successful project?

Join us for a panel and learn how ideas turn into projects and success stories!

You can expect to hear from passionate leaders that have been obsessed with helping the healthcare sector by creating solutions to help hospitals and patients. We will learn from them that have successfully brought an idea to life to inspire you to create big for the hackathon. We will have an opportunity to ask burning questions and network.

The panelists: TBA

Refreshments and snacks will be served.

All ticket proceeds go towards supporting the Health Innovation Program.

This event is part of the Health Innovation Program (#HIP613) – Ottawa’s first Health Innovation Program that aims to break down the barriers to healthcare innovation in partnership with CHEO-OCTC (Children’s hospital of Eastern Ontario/Ottawa’s Children Treatment Center). #HIP613 consists of a series of talks and hands-on workshops that will connect people, ideas and skills to build teams to tackle frontline healthcare problems at our Spring 2017 hackathon.

This café is proudly presented by our sponsor:

Hacking Health Ottawa café sponsor Kivuto

Hacking Health OttawaPre-hackathon café
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HH Toronto Cafe: Past, Present, Future!


Happy New Year Health Hackers!

We are kicking off the Hacking Health meetups starting in February.


HH Toronto’s next Café is about hearing and learning from HH teams of the past. Through the past few years Hacking Health (HH) Toronto has been the catalyst and birth place for some amazing ideas and products whose aim is to marry tech and healthcare. Teams have managed to bring products from ideation to implementation. HH Toronto’s first Café of 2016 will bring back some of those teams to talk about their success and learnings.


Here’s how the night is going to go:

1. 6:00 – 6:30 pm: Welcome & Networking
2. 6:30 – 7:30 pm: Guest speakers tell us their stories
3. 7:30 – 8:00 pm: Panel discussion and Q&A
4. 8:00 – 8:30 pm: Networking


Guest speakers:
Keith Chung : founded & developed Chime to manage everyday clinic chores
Saurahb Mukhi : CTO at Think Research, Founder and CEO of FliiSolutions
Douglas Moseley : Founder of OsteoMapper
Conner Dickie : Co-founder and CEO of Synbiota
Kenny Liang : Managing Director at Kenesis Systems, Founded Pocket Lab at HHToronto
– Stuart Watt : Founder of The Legacy Project

Sarah SharmaAli Tawfiq


We will be giving away 4 devices courtesy of iHeart



Hacking Health TorontoHH Toronto Cafe: Past, Present, Future!
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HH Café – Edmonton

Hacking Health is designed to improve healthcare by inviting technology creators and healthcare professionals to collaborate on realistic, human-centric solutions to front-line problems.

Our hackathons and workshops are fun, intense, hands-on events where small teams tackle tough problems in a supportive community of peers and mentors.



Guest Speaker:

Dr. Denis Vincent is a family physician from Edmonton who tackled the frustrating issue of fax referrals at Hacking Health Edmonton 2013. He has since built a team and founded ezReferral, which has run a successful pilot project and is now relieving referral pain throughout the Edmonton medical community. Come learn about Dr. Vincent’s challenges and successes throughout his journey from concept to successful business!



Hacking Health > Edmonton > Hacking Health 1st Cafe 2016



Sponsored By


Hacking Health EdmontonHH Café – Edmonton
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